Form Systems & Teams

Senior School (6th Form)
Head of Senior School: Mrs L McCluggage

Entry to the Sixth Form  is dependent on obtaining good grades in 6 or more subjects at GCSE. From 27 A level subjects offered, most pupils will choose 3, and a small number will choose 4. Pupils are encouraged to maintain a wide range of interests and can complement their A level studies in a number of ways: they may choose to take an additional subject at AS level, such as Mathematical Applications, Drama or Human Biology; or at GCSE level, such as Psychology, Accounting, Photography or a language not previously studied; and they may also opt for the RSA CLAIT Stage 2 course or for a non-examination course such as Introduction to Law, Introduction to Journalism or Creative Writing. Music and Games or Community Service are also taken by all pupils. In addition, there is a life skills programme offering modules on money management, international issues, health issues, careers orientation and study skills, amongst others.

Each year, about 90% of Sixth Form leavers proceed to Higher Education, with some 20-25 going to Oxford and Cambridge.

                       Head of Form Deputy Head of Form Form Tutor
Form L6 Mr N Thompson Miss P Wilson Mrs J Campton
Form U6 Mrs E McKay Mr J McKee Mr A Gallagher


Form L6 Tutor Groups and Rooms


Mrs J Campton

Mr R Bleakley

L6Q Dr P Campton N5
L6R Miss J Lloyd J6
L6S Dr M Dorrity N2
L6T Miss J Richmond N3
L6V Mr A Lynas J7
L6W Miss O Moore N6
L6X Mrs T McCrum N7
L6Y Mrs F McIlwaine N8
L6Z Dr A Dempsie N9


Form U6 Tutor Groups and Rooms

U6PQ Mr M Johnston

Mrs J Barry

Mrs L Anderson


Mr C Martin

Mr J Welshman


Mr A Millar
U6YZ Mr A Gallagher