Useful Information

School uniform

The Fullerton House uniform reflects the uniform of Methodist College. Details of the school uniform and a list of official suppliers are available by contacting us.  


Reports are sent out twice a year and, if it is thought desirable, weekly report cards may be used as a means of improving home links in some cases.

Parent/Teacher interviews

We place great importance to the need for parents to be involved in the education of their children. There is no doubt that children make faster progress if parents take an active interest and support the work of the school.

Parents are invited to discuss their children's progress with staff once a year. However, you may make an appointment at any time to see the class teacher if a concern arises. It is also vital that parents inform the school of any circumstances which may be affecting the child's performance in school.


When a child is absent parents should notify the school as soon as possible. Parents are asked to note that absence from school for purely social or holiday reasons is discouraged because it is detrimental to a pupil's emotional and academic education.

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