Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association has raised an immense amount of money over the years to provide valuable extra equipment to benefit their own and future generations of pupils. The PTA organise an excellent variety of events and welcome any help from any source! The committee is also happy to assist new parents with any queries.

The Parent Teacher Association provides a forum for parents to express views and to inform themselves more widely on modern trends in education. The association is also concerned to assist new parents with any problems which may arise and to organise an excellent variety of events to help raise funds for special items of school equipment. 

We are fortunate that vibrant and active Parent Teacher Associations exist in both schools.  The roles of the Associations can be summarised in three parts:

1.     Raising funds to support the teaching and learning of the children throughout the department.

2.    Providing opportunities for children to take part in enjoyable activities with their families and with other children.

3.    Providing opportunities for parents to socialise with other parents within the school community.

Parent Interviews

Great importance is attached to the need for parents to be involved in the education of their children. There is no doubt that children make faster progress if parents do take an active interest and support the work of the school. Parents are invited to discuss their children's progress with staff once a year. However parents may make an appointment at any time to see the class teacher if a concern arises. It is also vital that parents inform the school of any circumstances which may be affecting the child's performance in school.

Fundraising News!!!!

A massive thank you for the donation made recently to the PTA fund. The generous donation will help pay for a new sports kit for the Preparatory Department pupils of Fullerton House!!