Clubs & Activities

Fullerton pupils during PE lesson

At Fullerton House we aim to provide a fulfilling and enjoyable educational experience with our wide range of extra-curricular activities from netball to orchestra and playball to scripture union and much more.

Combined with our curriculum these clubs and activities provide a balanced education that create confidence and expertise and teach children to work well within a team or group setting. The children have the opportunity to try, participate in or excel in a range of activities which complements the learning within the classroom.

Whilst most of the following activities are run by the teaching staff, we also bring in outside expertise when necessary.

A selection of afterschool clubs that are available in Fullerton:

Choir Lego/Construction Tufty
Miniversity Cooking Games
Orchestra Singing Club Summer Fun Club
Netball Football Cooking
Recorder Group  Scripture Union Stories and Songs
Playball Funky Fingers  
Hockey Cricket  


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