Clubs & Activities

The Prep Department places great emphasis on developing the whole child through participation in enjoyable activities.  We encourage the children to take part with enthusiasm in everything they undertake and we believe they are capable of success if they work hard.

The afterschool programme of clubs and activities is aimed at fostering pupils’ confidence, expertise and breadth of interest, both as individuals and within the framework of a team or group.  Our pupils are given a wide selection of voluntary activities from which they can choose.

Most school teams train after school and, depending on the sport, the club may be open to a particular age group, or children may be selected on the basis of their skill.

While most of the following activities are run by the teaching staff, we also bring in outside expertise when necessary.

Choir Music Tufty
Drama Club Athletics Rugby
Orchestra Singing Club Ballet*
Netball Football Table Tennis* 
Recorder Group  Scripture Union Tennis*
Cross Country  Creative Club Green Club*
Hockey Cricket Judo*

*an extra charge is necessary as outside coaches are employed.

After Schools Club

Each After Schools Club has its own room where children meet and are able to participate in a variety of activities including art and craft, games and simple cooking.  The staff team in each school includes a dedicated After School Club supervisor and one or two assistants.

In addition to the activities in the club rooms, children are able to complete their homework in other classrooms.  They can also make use of the gym or play outside when the weather is favourable.

The After School Club opens at 2.30pm.  There are two sessions, the first finishes at 4.00pm and the second at 5.30pm.

For further information, please contact the School Secretary, Mrs Ruth Forsythe  (02890205217).

After Schools Club Fees 2020/21 Obligatory £ Per Pupil
2.30pm - 4.00pm  £8.50
2.30pm- 5.30pm £17.00