Admission to Fullerton House

New pupils begin school each September. Entry into Prep 1 is normally for those who reach the age of five years within the current school year (before 1st July of the year they come to school). Applications should normally be made by September at the latest, for entry in September the following year. Application forms should be obtained from the School Secretary.

All forms should be accompanied by the appropriate registration fee. Entry for older pupils depends on a suitable vacancy being available, and on the pupil having reached the same academic standard as the year concerned.

You will receive an explanation of the payment options that are available. Other charges for costs incurred, such as special tuition fee, will be notified during the year and payable on demand. 

A parent or guardian who wishes to withdraw a child must give at least one full term's notice in writing, otherwise fees for one term in lieu of notice will be charged. The Board of Governors requires the withdrawal of any pupil for whom fees are not paid, following due consideration by the College Principal. 

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P1 Induction Information

Preparatory Department Fees 2020/21

Obligatory £ Per Pupil
Capital Fee £140
Tuition Fee £5,350
Discount from Tuition fee for second sibling  less 5% 
Discount from Tuition fee for third sibling  less 10%
Discount from Tuition fee for fourth and successive siblings  less 25%