Pastoral Care

Downey House pupils entering school

This is of the utmost importance within Downey House and we pride ourselves on the level of pastoral care that we provide. We have created and maintained a happy, safe and secure learning environment for all children and staff, which is vital for all parts of the school community to learn and function effectively.

Downey House has co-ordinators responsible for both Child Protection and Pastoral Care issues. The Pastoral Care teacher administers and monitors the Addressing Bullying and Positive Behaviour Policies. This includes ensuring that pastoral and bullying concerns are noted by members of staff who either witness or have issues reported to them by pupils, parents or other members of staff.  The Preparatory Department wholeheartedly supports the Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Federation’s anti-bullying policies and practices. 

Circle time and other PDMU strategies are used by staff to promote positive behaviour, team-work and conflict resolution in classes. Assemblies are used to support these messages and to address issues which may arise at a whole school level e.g. a serious accident to a pupil, a case of bullying or a bereavement of a member of the school community.

Effective supervision is a key area for preventing child protection issues. This is frequently reviewed at meetings of staff at whole school, Key Stage and Senior Management Team levels.

You can find out more about our pastoral care policies and how we promote positive behaviour by downloading our Safeguarding Policies Document.