Report Absence

All absences and appointment requests, for example for medical appointments, should be reported to the College via the SchoolGateway app. We would ask that if at all possible you make contact before 9.00 a.m. Whilst it is preferable to use the SchoolGateway app, you can contact the school directly by calling Reception or sending an email via the school website.

Please send a message on each day of absence. If you have signed up to the SchoolGateway app, you will receive a text if your son/daughter is neither in Tutor group registration nor registered elsewhere in the school and we have not received a message from you.

As you are aware, we ask that medical appointments, family holidays, etc. are arranged outside school hours. However, in exceptional circumstances, if your son/daughter has to miss part of a day, then you should advise the school via the SchoolGateway app. For a full school day please mark the message for the attention of the relevant Head of Form and for more than one day please mark your request for the attention of the relevant Head of Section. All requests for planned absence should be made at least three days in advance.