The Minister of Education has made his long awaited announcement on next year’s GCSE and A Levels. The documents below contain information about how the exams will operate. By the start of the new academic year in September the school will have received detailed information from all of the exam boards and we will tailor our course delivery, internal assessment procedures and external exam preparation accordingly. That is a long way in the future, so in the meantime the three key points are:

1. We will return to external exams next year.

2. In the majority of subjects the exams will not cover the entire specification and areas of omission will be revealed soon.

3. This year’s AS grades will NOT count toward next year’s A2 awards, but AS levels sat next summer WILL count towards A2 awards made in the summer of 2023.

Kindest regards

Mr Naismith

Guide for Pupils

First page of the PDF file: pupilmalpractice

Guide for Parents / Guardians

First page of the PDF file: parentmalpractice

Post-Results Service (Appeals) Policy

If you are considering an appeal against your grades it is vital that you read the information available by clicking the buttons below. 

It is important to note that if you request a centre review or an awarding organisation appeal there are three possible outcomes:

Your original grade is lowered, so your final grade will be lower than the original grade you received.
Your original grade is confirmed, so there is no change to your grade.
Your original grade is raised, so your final grade will be  higher than the original grade you received.

Once a finding has been made you cannot withdraw your request for a centre review or appeal. If your grade has been lowered, you will not be able to revert back to the original grade issued on results day.

The College has set up a dedicated e-mail address for all appeals, results2021@methody.org and there are clear instructions in the documents about what information you need to provide, the format to use and how to title your message.

We will be prioritising those appeals where a place in a  higher education institution is on hold, so it is important that appeals requests are submitted in line with the timetable in the policy and on the summary sheet.