The GCSE results will be available on Thursday 25th August. 

Pupils should collect their results envelope between 9.00am – 9.30am from the school Whitla Hall. 

GCSE results are not available online as with A Level results. 

If a pupil cannot collect their envelope at this time there are a few alternative options.

· A family member or another pupil can collect the envelope of a pupil but only if the school has been contacted beforehand, giving the name of the alternative person who will be collecting the envelope.

·The results envelope will be left at reception after 9.30am and it can be collected anytime before the end of the school day.

·The results envelope will be posted home, first class, at the end of the school day.

·Results cannot be given out over the telephone or scanned in and sent to a pupil.

There will also be information in the envelope if a pupil, based on their examination results, wants to change their choice of A Level subjects.

Every effort will be made to accommodate a change in subject.  However, pupils should be aware that there could be constraints to any request based on either the combination of subjects chosen or the existing size of the classes involved.

It may also be necessary, based on the examination results, that a pupil must have an interview with a member of the Careers Department.  If this is the case there will be a note to that affect in the envelope.

Understanding your results 

External Examinations Appeals

 If you would like to apply for an exam remark or appeal, please read the  Appeals Policy 2022.

Appeals policy 2022
If you would still like to apply for an appeal or remark, please complete the GCSE Form

Once you have completed the form, in the next few days you will be emailed with a link to payment. It is important that this is completed as soon as possible. Once payment is received, you will receive an email confirmation. 

For any further queries about external exams, fees and resits please contact the College on 028 9020 5205 and ask to speak to the Exams Office.


Summer Examinations 2022

The following guides have been produced by exam boards, the NHS and others and provide helpful advice on revision, preparing for exam days and coping with exam pressure, which reinforces the guidance already provided by your subject teacher and the College.

Preparing for Exams - CEA Information (see also the guides for pupils and parents/guardians below)

Preparing for Exams - A Guide for Students

How to revise: the ultimate guide for GCSEs and A Levels

NHS guidance on Exam Stress

MCB Learning Support information

The Exam Regulations have been explained to you and it is vital that you adhere to them. If you are in any doubt, the document published by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) details the regulations and the consequences if they are breached.

Guide for Pupils

First page of the PDF file: pupilmalpractice

Guide for Parents / Guardians

First page of the PDF file: parentmalpractice