Controlled Assesment

Many of the subjects taken at GCSE feature Controlled Assessments as part of the course.  

Pupils in both Form 4 and Form 5 will be completing elements of Controlled Assessment within some subjects which will go towards their final GCSE results. These Controlled Assessments will happen from the beginning of the academic year.

The requirements and format for a Controlled Assessment can vary greatly from subject to subject. The details for each subject will be explained in full to the pupils by their individual subject teachers. Departments will also use the Fronter Virtual Learning Environment to give a lot of very useful information about the requirements for Controlled Assessments within their subject. Your child should be able to access Fronter both at home and in school.

Heads of Departments will supply details of the name of the examination board and the specification taken within their subject. They will also give information about whether Controlled Assessments are required within their subject and an approximate timing of when the Controlled Assessment will take place. 

As the Controlled Assessments are a formal part of the GCSE Examination, it is imperative that pupils are present for all of the scheduled assessments. It should

also be noted that pupils in Form 4 will sit one paper for Religious Studies that counts towards 50% of their final GCSE at the end of Form 4. Pupils in the Form 4 LLW class will also sit two modules at the end of Form 4 which are both worth 20% of their final GCSE.

If you have any questions about the Controlled Assessment within a particular subject, please contact your child’s individual teacher or the Head of Department concerned.