Middle School

Before the end of Form 3, pupils will choose 10 subjects which will form their GCSE teaching timetable in Forms 4 and 5.

All pupils will study:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Religious Studies
  • One, Two or Three Science subjects from Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • At least one from French, German, Russian, Spanish or Latin

Pupils will then have a choice from a very wide selection of subjects to bring them up to a total of 10 GCSE subjects. This choice includes subjects which they have studied before such as Art, History, Geography and Food and Nutrition but also includes new subjects to the pupils such as Business Studies, Economics and Moving Image Arts. All pupils will continue to have classes in Physical Education and Games. 

pupils and science experiment
Pupils working on computer
Pupil Studying

Middle School Subjects