Reporting Absence

The Department of Education requires that we receive written confirmation from the parents/guardian when a pupil is absent from school, giving the reason and date(s). Notification by text (through Schoolcomms) on each day of absence satisfies this requirement. A telephone call must be followed up by a written confirmation. Unless a text message has been received on EACH day of absence, a pupil MUST bring an explanatory letter signed by a parent/guardian stating clearly the dates of absence and the reason when they return to school. This must be presented at the Tutor Group Assembly to the Tutor.

Parents/guardians who have singed up for the Schoolcomms system will receive a text if their child does not arrive in school and we have not been informed about the reason for their absence. Parents should text replied about absences to 01287 244005.

Planned Absence

Planned Absence

It is the policy of the College that pupils should not be absent from school during term time expect in case of illness or other emergency: this is important at the beginning and end of terms as well as at other times. 

In special circumstances, where absence is unavoidable, leave of absence must be obtained in advance. Requests for leave of absence should be made in writing, explaining the circumstances, a minimum of three days before the required date.   Requests for absence for part of a day should be made to the pupil’s Tutor (in this instance notification via Schoolcomms is also acceptable)for a complete day to the Head of Form and for periods longer than one day to the appropriate Head of Section. When a pupil leaves school during the day, for a medical or dental appointment, for example, he or she must sign out in the Administration Centre and sign in there on return to school. It should be noted that social engagements, entertainment, holidays, etc. are not acceptable as a reason for absence.

Illness During The School Day

Illness during the school day  

If a pupil feels unwell during the school day they should go to the San where Sister will assess their condition. If deemed necessary she will contact the parent and request that the pupil is collected from the college. Pupils must not contacts their parents directly in this regards unless advised to do so by a member of staff. 

Absence due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances

In the case of absence due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, parents who have signed up for the Schoolcomms system are asked to text the College on 01287 244005 before 9.00 am on each day of absence. Alternatively parents may contact the appropriate Administrative Assistant by phone (see below) who will record the details, or you can leave a message via voicemail.

Junior School

(Forms 1-3) 

  Mrs R. Henderson

028 90205206

Middle School

(Forms 4-5)  

    Mrs P. Sutton

028 90205213 

Senior School

(Forms L6-U6)

Mrs L. Allen-Antuna

028 90205226