Form Systems & Teams

Junior School (Forms 1-3)
Head of Junior School: Miss J. McDonald

In the Junior School, all pupils study the same broad range of subjects: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English, Food and Nutrition, French, Geography, History, Information and Communication Technology, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Religious Education and Technology. All forms have Games afternoon. Our teaching approaches ensure that our pupils develop their thinking skills, personal capabilities and creativity within the context of these subjects.

In line with the Revised Curriculum of Northern Ireland, all our pupils in the Junior School have classes which address citizenship, personal and social development, health education, employability and careers. In the second year, pupils have the opportunity to start an additional language (selecting German, Russian or Spanish) or study a classical language or Classical Civilisation.


Head of Form Deputy Head of Form Form Tutor
Form 1  Mr S Lyttle Dr F Quinn Mr R Livingston
Form 2  Mrs G McKee Dr T Crawford Mrs B Bell

Form 3

Mr C Finlay Mrs L Callaghan

Mr N Maltman

Form 1 Tutor Groups and Rooms


Mr R Livingston/

Mrs A Scott(W)

1S  Miss U Corrigan  R28
1T Mrs Braband R38
1V Mr W Latimer R26
1W Miss J Crockett R25

Mrs C Hart 

Mrs T Rea

1Y Mrs M Stewart R33
1Z Mr T Welshman R9



Form 2 Tutor Groups and Rooms 

2R Mrs B Bell F6

Mr S Duffin

Mr P Ferguson



2T Miss G Curran F8
2V Dr M Devlin H3
2W Mrs A Donnelly H5
2X Miss K Walker K1
2Y Miss A McIntyre K2

L Devlin 

Mrs C Webster



Form 3 Tutor Groups and Rooms

3R Mrs K Savage C6
3S Mr N Maltman C8
3T Mr W Leacock E7

Mrs P McCullough

Mr N Wright

3W Mrs C McCullough E1
3X Miss S Coll E5

Mrs L Fulton

Mrs K Marsh

3Z Mrs J Marrs E2