Form Systems & Teams

Junior School (Forms 1-3)
Head of Junior School: Miss J. McDonald

In the Junior School, all pupils study the same broad range of subjects: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English, Food and Nutrition, French, Geography, History, Information and Communication Technology, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Religious Education and Technology. All forms have Games afternoon. Our teaching approaches ensure that our pupils develop their thinking skills, personal capabilities and creativity within the context of these subjects.

In line with the Revised Curriculum of Northern Ireland, all our pupils in the Junior School have classes which address citizenship, personal and social development, health education, employability and careers. In the second year, pupils have the opportunity to choose two languages from French, Latin, Spanish, German and Russian (one must be a European language).

The Form Teams for Junior School are shown overleaf. From this you can find the name of your son’s/daughter’s Tutor. In this role he/she will be responsible for registering your child’s attendance each morning and will have an opportunity to get to know him/her in an environment which is rather different from the normal school classroom. Over a period of time the Tutor aims to gain an overall view of his/her academic progress and social development. As a result the Tutor should be able to offer support and advice if difficulties should arise. We recognise the value of parental support and so would wish to work closely with you when appropriate. If you have a concern about any issue or wish to pass on information about your son/daughter, the Tutor is the person you should normally contact. It is quite acceptable for you to leave a message for them through reception if you are unable to make direct contact, and they will return your call.


Head of Form Deputy Head of Form Form Tutor
Form 1  Mrs E McKay Mrs L Callaghan Mr A Gallagher
Form 2  Mr S Lyttle Dr F Quinn Mr R Livingston

Form 3

Mrs G McKee Dr T Crawford

Mrs B Bell

 Form 1 Tutor Groups and Rooms


Mr A Gallagher

1S  Mrs R Burton R28

Mrs C Hart

Mrs T Rea

1V Mrs Braband R26
1W Miss J Crockett R25

Mr W Latimer

1Y Mrs U Corrigan R33
1Z Mr T Welshman R21



 Form 2 Tutor Groups and Rooms 

2R Mr R Livingston C7

Mrs L Fulton

Mrs R Keaveney



2T Mrs J Oliver E2
2V R Devlin E3
2W Mr J McKee E1

Mrs J Irvine

Mrs N Bendi

2Y Miss S Coll E6

Mr E Marron



Form 3 Tuto r Groups and Rooms

3R Mrs B Bell F6
3S Miss E Boyd  F7
3T Miss G Curran F8

Dr M Devlin


Mr N Wright

Mrs L Livingstone

3X Miss K Walker K1

Miss A McIntyre


Dr M Fox

Mrs J Evans