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Junior School pupil in High Court

Head of Careers Welcome
Mrs A Stott

Our Careers advice and guidance provides opportunities to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to make considered and well-informed decisions at key transition points.

We provide a service that develops the necessary career management and employability skills students will need.

We promote the following:

Career Exploration
Support, Advice & Guidance in identifying career pathways and learning opportunities in education and employment within Northern Ireland and further afield.  

Career Management
Support, Advice & Guidance in the areas of career planning, effective career decision making and career development.

Self-Awareness & Development
Support, Advice & Guidance in discovering, evaluating and developing the necessary skills to equip them to choose an appropriate career plan.

GCSE Choices

Before making GCSE choices in third form, pupils reflect on their individual skills and abilities and are provided with current information about education opportunities and employment markets.

An annual Form 3 Parents' Information Evening is held within the College to provide parents with all the information they need regarding GCSE choices.

GCSE Subject Information

GCSE Subject Choices 2024/25


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Unifrog is a complete destinations platform that allows pupils to search for opportunities and make applications for their next steps. 

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