Development Projects

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Our initial target is to raise £7.4 million towards the completion of four development projects:

1.  The refurbishment and re-opening of McArthur Hall

2.  The refurbishment of School House (the original College building)

3.  The replacement of hockey pitches, tennis courts and changing facilities at Pirrie Park

4.  The refurbishment of the Chapel of Unity and the Corpus Christi Organ

The principal driver behind these developments is our determination to provide the best educational opportunities for current and future pupils of the College. This is a challenging target, but with your support and your generosity it is one that we are convinced can be achieved. Our ambitions don't stop there.  Once these projects are underway we will continue our work on developing the remainder of the campus, to complete the transformation of the learning environment. We will also continue to raise funds to support the curricular and extra-curricular activities that make the College such an enriching and ennobling place to be; ensuring that generations of learners can flourish at Methody.