How do I donate?

You can donate securely online by clicking here or download and complete a Donation Form 

To discuss other ways you can support Methodist College, please get in touch with our Fundraising and Alumni Relations Office. Email: development@methody.org 

I can only give a modest amount. Will my donation make any difference?

Yes. Support from the wider Methody community is essential in order for us to achieve our aims. We value the incredible support we receive from our whole community and every contribution makes a difference.

Can the school claim gift aid on my donation?

Gifts from UK taxpayers are eligible for Gift Aid, enabling us to reclaim an additional 25p for each £1 that you give. In addition, if you are a higher rate tax payer you can reduce the real cost of your gift through reclaiming the balance between standard and higher rates of tax.

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If I donate, will I be able to find out where my money is going?

We will keep you informed and up to date about the difference your donation has made to the School. Your contributions will help ensure the successful completion of our projects. Our Development Plan identifies the target areas for expenditure.

May I stipulate where my donation goes?

You may, but it would be more helpful for us to be able to have the flexibility to use your donation where it is most needed at the time.

Can I leave an endowment?

Yes. An endowment is a donation made with the intention of investing to earn income. It is a legal requirement that the funds are managed in a way that the purchasing power of the original investment exists in perpetuity. Donors typically restrict endowed gifts for specific educational purposes, such as building new facilities, supporting particular activities, funding professional developments or creating bursaries.

I left Methody years ago, should I donate money to the School?

As a former pupil, you understand and appreciate the value of a Methody education. Your donation, whatever its size, will help ensure that future generations will benefit from even more opportunities than you had.

I have donated in the past. Should I donate again to the School?

First of all, thank you. Methody pupils are already benefitting from your generosity. A further donation would extend the impact of your support and would be welcomed.

Why not increase the capital fee to fund new facilities?

The annual capital fee is set by the Department of Education and is currently £140 per pupil. Voluntary Grammar Schools do not have the authority to increase this fee. The College receives 85% of the costs of capital projects funded by the Department of Education. The remaining 15% has to be paid for by the College. Not all of our capital projects are eligible for capital grant from the department, the Chapel of Unity being one significant example of this. Projects funded by DE grant are also constrained by the DE Building Handbook.