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The Alumni Relations office was set up to establish and cultivate relationships, facilitate interaction between alumni, friends, organisations and the Methodist College Belfast Community. 

Our mission is to establish and cultivate relationships, facilitate interaction between alumni, friends, organisations and the Methodist College Belfast Community. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane

stan gent

Stan Gent - MCB:1959-1970

My journey started in Fullerton Prep School which proved to be a good introduction to the College. Great memories of the early years include finding the way to Pirrie Park for that first time and the crowds in the corridors changing classes. Mixed emotions of a successful graduation, off to Queens University Belfast Engineering, and goodbyes to many good friends are foremost. Graduation from QUB Mech. Eng. led to immigration to Canada, a early career in utility infrastructure development and eventual leadership in the utility business after another immigration this time to the United States.  

Chapel of Unity

Rebekah Wilson - Chapel of Unity Memory 

I remember the Leavers' Lunchtime Recital when we preformed the first songs we ever learnt in Junior Choir along with the honour of being the school song soloist at our Leavers' Service a few weeks later. 

Sixth Form Centre

Lara Hampton - Sixth Form Centre Memories 

My memory is the Sixth Form Centre lockers on the ground floor, the cafe in the middle and study cubicles on the top floor. The brand new IT set up where I was one of the first groups to do word processing! No idea what a computer on email was back in the late 1980's. The Latin classrooms up windy stairs near the staff room, with careers above. Also I remember the music practice room were located in the basement near Whitla Hall.


Bernard O'Neill - Sports Memories

Arriving in Methody in November 1986 I was 4th form. I had never touched a rugby ball but with excellent coaching from Mr Wells, a year later I was in the 1st XV. I went on to win the Schools' Cup in 1989 and 1990. I also won the Interprovincial Championship with Ulster Schools'. I was honored to be the sole recipient of the C.S Neil award for sport in 1990. Many great memories of tours to Portugal and Zimbabwe.


At Methody each one of us has made friendships that will last a lifetime, made memories that will stay with us forever and learnt so many things at this school that we simply would not have learnt elsewhere. Kirsten Webb, Head Girl 2015-16, leaver's speech

Keep In Touch

At Methodist College we like to keep in touch with our Alumni and inform them with up coming College events and news. If you would like to hear from our Alumni Department please complete the form below: 


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