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The Career Service at Methodist College follows the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) to provide a service that develops the necessary career management and employability skills students will need, to allow them to make informed choices impacting on their future education and employment.

All elements of CEIAG are very important for each students college experience.  All activities and guidance given hope to promote the following:

Career Exploration: Support, Advice & Guidance in identifying career pathways and learning opportunities in education and employment within Northern Ireland and further afield.  

Career Management: Support, Advice & Guidance in the areas of career planning, effective career decision making and career development.

Self-Awareness & Development: Support, Advice & Guidance in discovering, evaluating and developing the necessary skills to equip them to choose an appropriate career plan.


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Unifrog is a complete destinations platform that allows students to search for opportunities and make applications for their next steps. 

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Immersive career-experience programmes for students aged 12-18

InvestIN provides career-experience programmes to give school students a unique insight into their dream career. The programmes are designed and delivered by highly accomplished professionals in order to equip students with the tools they need to succeed in that industry, through a series of interactive simulations, case studies, seminars, career coaching and panel discussions. InvestIN delivers programmes both live online and in-person across 20 different industries, taking place over weekends or during school holidays. You can find out more about InvestIN’s upcoming summer internships follow the link below . To register for a programme, students simply need to head to the website, select the desired programme and click ‘Register Now’. Methodist College Belfast is now an InvestIN Partner School, which means students can get 10% off any programme booking by inserting the code METHODIST10 at the payment page. Fully-funded bursaries are also available across live online programmes.

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