Music at Methody

Pupils playing violins
Girls choir
pupils playing alto sax
Trombone players playing

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir is where many of Methody’s talented singers begin their performing careers. The year begins in September, with an invitation to all enthusiastic year 8-10 pupils to prepare for the choir's three main performances: The Autumn Concert, Fisherwick Junior Carol Service and Easter Concert. 

Monday and Wednesday 8.25am in the Whitla Hall- (Miss Orr and Mr Henning)

Girls' Choir

The Girls' Choir consists of over 70 members who meet to rehearse two mornings and one afternoon a week. They are directed by Mrs Rolston, who has led them to multiple successes in recent years. 
When not performing in competition, the Girls' Choir plays an important role in the main musical events in the College calendar. Senior Prize Day and the Autumn Concert are the first major school events.

Junior Singers

The Junior Singers are a selected group of over 30 young singers who rehearse twice weekly under the supervision of Mrs Rolston. 
The first event for the choir is the Autumn Concert, which is followed by the Christmas Carol Service in Fisherwick Presbyterian Church. 

Monday after school in G1 and Wednesday lunch in G1. 

Band- Grade 3 and Above

The Band is one of the most popular musical groups in Methody: with nearly 100 members, its conductor Mr Jordan has his work cut out for him! The Band meets in F9 gym, so as to accommodate all members for  rehearsal.
As with other music groups, the Band must hit the ground running in September, getting to grips with new members and new pieces preparation for the first big performance on Senior Prize Day. This is followed up with performances at Open Night and the February Fanfare event in the College Whitla Hall. 

Wednesday and Friday 8.25am in F9 (Mr Irvine)

Traditional Group

This ensemble directed by Miss Orr enjoys a growing popularity within the musicians at Methody, with up to twenty members meeting every Friday morning. 
Budding fiddle, banjo, harp, flute, guitar, accordion and whistle players improve their skills by playing airs, slides, polkas and more. The embracing of traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, England and beyond has broadened many musicians in the group's understanding and repertoire. 
The Traditional Group have contributed to Autumn Concerts, Lunchtime Recitals, Open Evenings and MacMillian Cancer Luncheons.

Friday 8.25am in G1 (Miss Orr)
Audience participation is always welcome!

Junior Orchestra

The Junior Orchestra boasts over seventy members, consisting of Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and Strings Sections. It is an excellent training ground for intermediate instrumentalists to improve on their reading, and ensemble skills. Mrs Kennedy is the Director of the Junior Orchestra, bringing her enthusiasm and encouragement to every morning and afternoon rehearsal. 
The Orchestra plays a major part in other seasonal events in the College calendar, accompanying Junior College Carols at Fisherwick in the last week of Term 1. The biggest event of the year is the Easter Concert. This is followed by performances on the College Open Nights and Junior Prize Day.  

Wednesday after school in F9 (Mr Henning)

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir, an enthusiastic gathering of over 200 pupils, meets twice a week in F9 for early morning rehearsals.  The year begins when the Senior Choir members elect the Music Society Committee and President, who work hard to promote music throughout the school, especially through upholding the great Methody tradition of the Friday Recital.  
The start of each year sees the choir challenged by the loss of its stalwart Upper Sixth musicians, but renewing itself with an injection of fresh blood in the form of Fourth Formers, keen to sink their teeth into the challenges ahead.  From the beginning of September the race is on for the choir to prepare its first major performance of the year: the Autumn Concert. 
The Senior Choir plays a major role at the Easter Concert, leading the large choral work that traditionally makes up the second half of the evening.  

Chapel Choir 

The Chapel Choir is one of the busiest choirs in the College, with a full calendar of engagements. The award wining choir led by Director of Music, Mrs Ruth McCartney, has held 11 residencies in Westminster Abbey over recent years, singing choral services during the holiday seasons. This is a highlight for Chapel Choir members, as well as a long anticipated tour for the diligent choir members.
Christmas is the busiest time of the year for the Chapel Choir, who perform their arsenal of well-polished carols at a number of engagements: these include the annual Nine Lessons and Carols and often a BBC or RTE Morning Service broadcast, before ending the year with College Carols at Fisherwick. For all Methody musicians, the culmination of blood, sweat and tears in the second term in the second term in preparation for the annual Easter Concert. The U6 Leaver's service is often a significant event the Chapel Choir contribute to, as this is the final performance the most senior members have crystallised in their memories of Methody. 

Senior Orchestra

The Senior Orchestra comprises over seventy members, consisting of Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and Strings Sections.  It has an extremely busy year, beginning with a performance at the Music Society's Autumn Concert.
The start of each year sees the orchestra challenging period to settle into their sections, and adjust to the space left by former upper sixth form musicians and allowing new fourth form members to settle in. As well as preforming on its own, a select group of the Senior Orchestra often provides the orchestral accompaniments for the Senior Choir.  

Jazz Band- Grade 3 and Above

Razzmatazz, brilliant solo performances, and plenty of hard work sum up the Jazz Band season year on year!
Mr Jordan, an avid mascot for Jazz Ensemble Performance amongst the young people of Ulster, is in charge of this enthusiastic and committed group of musicians whose performances are real crowd-pleasers. 
The Jazz Band entertains audiences throughout the Methody calendar year, with jazz offerings in the Autumn, February and Easter College Concerts. Their infectiously enjoyable sounds bring a smile to the audience and the foot tapping and finger-clicking abounds. With a broad repertoire of sometimes raucous tunes, not to mention trumpet, sax and piano solos, the team produces performances that are very fast, very load and very well received. 
One of the highlights of the year for the Jazz Band is the Youth Jazz Showcase. This celebration is organised by Mr Jordan, and allows bands from other schools to share their jazz selections. This is a much anticipated and enjoyable event, and a great way to bring the Jazz Band season to a close.

Monday lunch in G22 and Friday 8.25am in G22 (Mr Briscoe)