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Reporting Absences

The Department of Education requires that we receive written confirmation form the parents/guardian when a pupil is absent from school giving the reason and date(s). Notification by text (through Schoolcomms) on each day of absence satisfies this requirement. However a telephone call must be followed up by a written confirmation and consequently on returning to the College after absence on account of illness or other emergency, a pupil MUST bring an explanatory letter signed by a parent/guardian stating clearly the dates of absence and the reason unless a text message has been received on EACH day of absence. This must be presented at the Tutor Group Assembly to the Tutor.

Parents/guardians who have singed up for the Schoolcomms system will receive a text if their child does not arrive in school and we have not been informed about the reason for their absence. Parents should text replied about absences to 01287 244005.

Planned Absence

Planned Absence

It is the policy of the College that pupils should not be absent from school during term time expect in case of illness or other emergency: this is important at the beginning and end of terms as well as at other times. 

In special circumstances, where absence is unavoidable, leave of absence must be obtained in advance. Requests for leave of absence should be made in writing, explaining the circumstances, a minimum of three days before the required date.   Requests for absence for part of a day should be made to the pupil’s Tutor (in this instance notification via Schoolcomms is also acceptable)for a complete day to the Head of Form and for periods longer than one day to the appropriate Head of Section. When a pupil leaves school during the day, for a medical or dental appointment, for example, he or she must sign out in the Administration Centre and sign in there on return to school. It should be noted that social engagements, entertainment, holidays, etc. are not acceptable as a reason for absence.

Illness During The School Day

Illness during the school day  

If a pupil feels unwell during the school day they should go to the San where Sister will assess their condition. If deemed necessary she will contact the parent and request that the pupil is collected from the college. Pupils must not contacts their parents directly in this regards unless advised to do so by a member of staff. 

Absence due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances

In the case of absence due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, parents who have signed up for the Schoolcomms system are asked to text the College on 01287 244005 before 9.00 am on each day of absence. Alternatively parents may contact the appropriate Administrative Assistant by phone (see below) who will record the details, or you can leave a message via voicemail.

Junior School

(Forms 1-3) 

  Mrs R. Henderson

028 90205206

Middle School

(Forms 4-5)  

    Mrs P. Sutton

028 90205213 

Senior School

(Forms L6-U6)

Mrs L. Allen-Antuna

028 90205226

Transport Arrangements

The College does not provide special bus services for pupils. Pupils use the main Translink bus and train services for travelling to and from school.  

Travel Passes

The decision regarding pupil eligibility for a bus or train pass lies with the Education and Library Board for the area in which the pupil lives. The College will distribute travel passes after they have been issued but the original application must be made to the Board.  Once a pupil has been accepted into the College, an application form for a travel pass can be obtained from the Education & Library Board website or the College Rolls & Records Department.  The form should be completed and returned to the Rolls & Records Dept. in order to be signed/stamped before being sent to the Board for a decision on eligibility/a travel pass to be issued. For pupils already at the College it may be necessary to reapply each September as the Education and Library Boards do not always automatically reissue a travel pass, particularly in the case of 5th form pupils entering the 6th form. 

Full timetables as well as news of any changes to the services can be found on their website at Alternatively, they can be contacted on 028 90 66 66 30.


Comber / Ballygowan

(2) No. 11 (Blue) 7.40am Comber Road 
Route (1) Comber Bus Station, Upper Newtownards Road, City Centre
(2) Ballygowan, Saintfield, Carryduff, Stranmillis Road
Arrive (1) 8.10am (Laganside Bus Station)
(2) 8.10am (Stanmillis Road)
Return (1) No. 5h (Metro), 4pm (outside Centre on Malone Road)
(2) No. 11 (Blue) 4.10pm (from Laganside Bus Station in City Centre)

Saintfield / Carryduff

Depart (1) No. 15 (Blue) 7.35am
(2) No. 18H (Blue) 7.45am
Route (1) Saintfield Bus Station, Carryduff, Saintfield Road
(2) Carryduff, Saintfield Road
Arrive (1) 8.10am (side gate Malone Road, MCB)
(2) 8.10am (side gate Malone Road, MCB)
Return (1) No. 15 (Blue) 15.15pm (outside Centra on Malone Road)
(2) No. 18 (Blue) 15.15pm (outside Centra on Malone Road)


Depart (1) No. 12 (Blue) 7.25am
Route (1) Ballygowan Road, Moneyrea Road, Castlereagh Road 

Belfast City Centre

Depart No. 8B, 9A, 9B (Metro) every 10/15 minutes from left hand side of City Hall
Routes '8B' go up Malone Road (to MCB front gate)
'9A 9B' go up Lisburn Road (to back gate Fullerton, MCB)
Arrive Regular intervals (10 minute journey)
Return Every 10 minutes 


Depart No. 18H (Blue) 7.35am
Route Ballynahinch, Carryduff, Saintfield Road, Stranmillis Road
Arrive 8.15am (Stranmillis Road)
Return No. 18H (Blue) 15.25pm (outside Centra on Malone Road)

Four Winds / Cairnshill

Depart (1) Four Winds - No. 15H/18H (Blue) 07.55am & 8am (there are earlier and later ones)
(2) Cairnshill- No.7A (Metro) 7.32 or 7.43am
Route (1) Saintfield Road to MCB 
(2) Cairnshill, Forestside, Ormeau Road, QUB
Arrive 8.20am (side gate Malone Road, MCB) 
Return No. 7A/7B (Metro) 3.23pm, every 7 minutes  behind QUB (or if going home later, take bus from Centra - see Ballynahinch information)

East Belfast

Roselawn/ Castlereagh Hills Area
Depart (1) No. 7A (Metro) (every 25 minutes)
(2) No. 6A (Metro) every 10 minutes
Route (1) Four Winds Forestside, MCB 
(2) Cregagh Road, City Centre
 Arrive (1) (Behind QUB)
(2) City Centre
Return (1) No. 7A (Metro) 3.23pm, behind QUB
(2) No.6A (Metro) every 10 minutes 

Dundonald / Ballyhackamore

Depart (1) No. 4D (Metro) 7.35am (Ulster Hospital Start Point)
(2) No. 11 (Blue) 7.35am (Grahambridge Road then into Dundonald)
Route (1) Ulster Hospital, Upper Newtownards Road to City Centre (front of City Hall)
(2) Comber Road, Tullycarnet, City Centre
Arrive (1) 8.10am (in City Centre)
(2) 8.10am (in City Centre)
Return (1) No. 4C & 4D (Metro) (from City Centre)

North Belfast / Ballysillian

Depart No. 12A (Metro), 7.40am

Route Oldpark Road, Carlisle Circus, City Centre

Arrive 8.02 am (Wellington Place)

Return No. 12A (Metro), opposite City Hall every 20 minutes


Depart (1) No. 3A (Metro) 7.45am (every 10 minutes)
(2) No. 20 (Metro) 7.45am (every 10 minutes)
Route (1) Tesco's Knocknagoney, Sydenham, Holywood Arches, Newtownards Road, May Street in City Centre
(2) Belmont Road, Holywood Arches, Newtownards Road, May Street in City Centre
Arrive 8.05am (in City Centre) 
Return No. 3A (Metro) (May Street in City Centre) 3.45pm (every 10 minutes) 


Depart No. 300 (Blue), 7.35 am at the Park and Ride

Route Templepatrick, Motorway, Europa (City Centre)

Arrive 8.25 am (Europa, City Centre)

Return No. 300 (Blue), (from Europa, City Centre) (every 15 minutes)


Arrive Every 10 minutes (side gate Malone Road, MCB)

Return No. 8A, 8B, 8C (Metro) (every 10 minutes), No. 524 (Blue) 3.47pm and 3.55pm

(Front of QUB or outside Centra, Malone Road

Finaghy / Dunmurry

Depart (1) 103 (Blue) enters 8.10am in to Dunmurry from Dunmurry Seymour Hill 
(2), 9A(Metro), times:

0705, 0725, 0745, 0759, 0812, 0827, 0843 (18 mins travel time)

Route Conway, Lisburn Road (No. 9 via Dunmurry)18min Travel Time

Return No. 8A/B and 9A (Metro), every 15 minutes to Conway (i.e. between Lisburn and Dunmurry)


Depart No. 524 (Blue), 7.40 am

Route Drumbeg, Rossvale, Upper Malone Road

Arrive 7.51 am (side gate Malone Road, MCB)

Return No. 524a (Blue), 3.47 pm (outside Centra on Malone Road)


Depart (1) No. 524 (Blue), 07.25 am

(2) No. 51 (Blue), 7.30am

Route (1) Lisburn, Hillhall Road, Upper Malone Road

(2) Bus Station, Dunmurry, Finaghy, Balmoral

Arrive (1) 0751 am (side gate Malone Road, MCB)

(2) 8.05 am (back gate Fullerton, Lisburn Road, MCB)

Return (1) No. 22 (Blue), 4.10 pm (outside Centra, Malone Road)

(2) No. 51 (Blue), 3.35 pm and 4.10 pm and 4.35pm (back gate Fullerton, Lisburn Road, MCB)

Craigavon / Lurgan

Depart No. 51 (Blue), 6.35 am

Route Craigavon, Lurgan, Moira, Lisburn, Lisburn Road to MCB

Arrive 8.00 am

Return No. 51 (Blue), Times: 3.30pm 4.05pm 4.30pm

Upper Newtownards Road

Depart No. 4C/D Times:

0709, 0731, 0752, 0810, 0829

Route to City Centre

Arrive City Centre

Return No. 4C/D (Metro) (front of City Hall) Times: 

1506, 1526, 1550, 1613, 1633


Bangor & Holywood

Depart No. 300 (Blue), 7.35 am at the Park and Ride

Route Templepatrick, Motorway, Europa (City Centre)

Arrive 8.25 am (Europa, City Centre)

Return No. 300 (Blue), (from Europa, City Centre) (every 15 minutes)


Depart 7.46 am Greenisland Station

Route Shore Road

Arrive 8.11 am (City Hospital)

Return 3.48 pm or 4.16 pm


Depart Train 07.10 am

Route City Hospital

Arrive 07.30 am

Return 4.05 pm to Great Victoria Street then the 4.23pm to Lambeg


Sydenham Train Station, 8.01 am to Botanic Station (every 20 minutes until 09.21am), 11 minutes Travel Time.

School Uniform Regulations

Our uniform identifies pupils as part of the Methodist College community and instils pride in it. Being appropriately dressed helps pupils to develop a positive mind set for learning and supports them in being successful, creative and happy When in uniform all pupils are ambassadors of the school and it is important they look and behave appropriately at all times; be it in school, when travelling to and from school or when representing the school at an outside event. Parental support in this area is important.

CA Gowdy Ltd 121-131 Woodstock Road, Belfast
David Gotto 72 Stranmillis Road, Belfast
McCalls 20-24 Market Street, Lisburn
Warnocks 791-792 Lisburn Road, Belfast 

Uniform List

  • Navy Blazer (boys’ or girls’) with embroidered logo. Sixth Form blazer for Sixth Form pupils.
  • White button neck shirt/blouse. It should be tucked into trousers/skirt at all times.
  • Methody regulation skirt (navy for Forms 1-5, grey for Sixth Form), worn no shorter than knee length with plain, black opaque tights or grey socks, or,
  • Dark charcoal grey, traditional school trousers. Full length & regular fit. To be worn with plain black or grey socks.
  • School tie, to be worn up to the top button (fastened) and tied correctly with the College symbol visible below the knot. Other ties (e.g. sports/society ties) are not permitted.
  • Plain black school shoes with no more than 6cm heel. Please see guidance on acceptable styles.
  • Methody regulation navy or grey V-neck knitted jumper may be worn.

The following items should not be worn:

  • Chinos, jeans or ‘jean like’ trousers, skinny jeans or leggings.
  • Hooded tops/sweat-tops apart from # (see Regulations following)
  • Non-uniform cardigans/jumpers
  •  External coats/jackets are not to be worn inside the school building. 

All items of uniform should be labelled with the pupil’s name. Pupils who lose items of uniform/equipment should check Lost Property.

PE and Games Uniform

Girls Compulsory Items 

  • Polo shirt
  • Lycra shorts
  • White ankle socks*
  • Non-marking training shoes* (no fashion trainers)
  • Games skort
  • Hooped Games socks

Boys Compulsory Items

  • Athletics vest
  • White shorts
  • White ankle socks*
  • Non-marking training shoes* (no fashion trainers)
  • Rugby shirt OR Hockey polo shirt
  • Navy rugby shorts OR navy hockey shorts
  • Hooped Games socks
  • Rugby/football boots are required if playing rugby*

Optional Items

Track suit bottoms (strongly recommended), hooded top, fleece. PE and Games Uniform should be purchased from the shop located in the College, with the exception of those Items marked *.

It is strongly recommended that:

  • in contact sports mouth guards and shin guards are worn;
  •  in sunny weather sun cream should be applied.

The items of PE and Games uniform can only be bought from the Canterbury School Shop located in the College (with the exception of those items marked with an *). The shop is open on Friday before school and at lunchtime on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during term time. It is open at other times during August, before the start of the autumn term. 

Pupils going home after Games or after school practices are permitted to wear either full school uniform, including blazer, or MCB track suit bottoms and top/regulation hoodie, (but not a mixture of school uniform and Games/PE kit.).

If a pupil is representing the College on a team, agreed MCB apparel must be worn.

Uniform Regulations for ALL Pupils involved in Sporting Activities during the School Day other than Afternoon Games If pupils are involved in a sporting activity from the beginning of the school day they may only come to school in their tracksuit if they have been given permission to do so by the Head of PE.

If pupils are leaving for a sporting activity during the day they come into school in their uniform and they change at the following times: 

  • Leaving between break and lunch – change at break time;
  • Leaving after lunch – change at lunch time;
  • Leaving at the end of school for a match or practice – change after school.

If pupils return during the course of the school day they must change into full uniform.

School PE Kits can be purchased from the School Sports Shop located within Methodist College Campus. 

School Sports Shop Opening Hours:

Tuesday & Thursaday: 1:00pm -1:30pm

Friday: 08:00am-8:45am & 12:45 -1:15pm

Second-Hand Uniforms

Second-Hand Uniform Items Stocks of second-hand MCB uniforms are often available from the below shops. 

Save The Children Shop 12 Botanic Avenue Belfast, 02890 249549
Ten Foundations  355 Lisburn Road Belfast 

Financial Assistance For School Uniforms

Financial Assistance towards the cost of school uniform is available for some pupils through the Educations Authority’s clothing allowance. The eligibility criteria are the same as those used for free school meals. Please contact the Head of Pastoral Care, Mrs Logan for more information. There is also a Principal’s Discretionary Fund details of which can be obtained from the school website or the Principal’s office.

Advice on wearing the school skirt

The skirt should be worn to sit at knee level as shown below. It should not be altered in terms of length. Skirts purchased which are too short will have to be returned and you will be asked to purchase a new skirt of the appropriate length. In Forms 1-5 pupils wear the navy skirt, 6th Form wear the grey skirt.


Footwear Regulations

Below are examples of acceptable footwear.

Please note that the following do not conform to the College regulations and must not be worn with College uniform:

  • Shoes with white or coloured soles/rim/logos/trainers or trainer type shoes;
  • shoes with suede, Nu- buck or canvas finish;
  • stiletto/ kitten /wedge heels/ platform shoes;
  • ballet pumps;
  • boots/fashion footwear above the ankle.

Additional Guidance

  • Hair should be neat and tidy, natural in colour and conventional in style (minimum #2 clipper, medium/high/skin fades are not permitted i.e. the scalp should not be visible).
  • Nails should be natural in colour and should be an appropriate and safe length for a working environment.
  • If worn at all make up should be subtle and natural in appearance.
  • The following piercings are permitted: ear (no more than 2 small, plain studs/sleepers per ear); nose (a single discreet stud).
  • Pupils will be required to remove the following if worn: bars, spacers, hoops and any other facial piercing (e.g. in septum, on eyebrow, on lip).
  • If jewellery is worn it should be appropriate and safe for a working environment and not extreme. Pupils are discouraged from wearing valuable items in school.
  • Visible tattoos are not permitted.
  • #A plain navy fleece may be worn during inclement weather under the blazer, to and from school, but must not be worn during the school day

All pupils are required to conform to these regulations. The cooperation of parent(s)/guardian(s) in this respect is expected. Only regulation uniform should be worn. Infringement of the uniform regulations will result in the issue of a sanction in line with the College’s Positive Behaviour policy.

If for any unavoidable reason a temporary deviation from the Uniform Regulations is required, a written request should be made to the Head of Form. (For example, a pupil may be unable to wear their complete school uniform due to a broken leg or arm. If this is the case, full school tracksuit or tracksuit bottoms and regulation top may be worn).

Deviations from these regulations on the grounds of religious beliefs may be permitted. If the adjustment is not a previously agreed change a request should be made in writing to the Vice Principal (Pastoral) for consideration.

Individualism is not an acceptable reason to depart from the regulations.

The College reserves the right to issue further guidance to pupils during the school year in the event of fashion trends impacting adversely on pupil appearance.

Guides on Exam Conduct

Guide for Pupils

First page of the PDF file: pupilmalpractice

Guide for Parents / Guardians

First page of the PDF file: parentmalpractice

Exam Results Summary

Summary of the 2019 A2, AS and GCSE Examination Results

Examination Report for 2019 

Summary of the 2018 A2, AS and GCSE Examination Results

Examination Report for 2018

Summary of the 2017 A2, AS and GCSE Examination Results

Examinations Report for 2017

Summary of the 2016 Results for A2, As and GCSE Examinations

Please click here to open the PDF containing the summary of grades for 2016, including the distribution of grades by subject.

Provisional Exam Results 2015

Congratulations to our 5th and 6th Formers on their impressive performance in this year’s public examinations. The percentage of presentations achieving the top A*A grade exceeds significantly the Northern Ireland and UK averages and we are delighted for our 6th Form leavers who are moving on to courses and careers at the next level. 

Provisional Exam Results Summary 2015

These achievements are founded on the dedication and hard work of the pupils and the staff, supported by the parents. We are not, however, complacent about our results and all of our staff will continue with the development work that aims to provide every pupil with the opportunity to achieve their best outcome.

Mr S. Naismith
Exam Results 2014

2014 GCSE Level results as a percentage of the presentations

% A* A*A A*-B A*-C
MCB 20.1 52.8 81.1 95.4
NI 8.9 28.2 54.2 78.0
UK 6.7 21.3 43.2 68.8

244 candidates, 100% of the year group, entered for 7 or more GCSEs

30 pupils achieved 10+ passes at A*A (12.3% of the year group)
102 pupils achieved 7+ passes at A*A (42% of the year group)
236 pupils achieved 7+ passes at A*-C (97% of the year group)

98% achieved 5 or more GCSEs at 5A*- C
98% achieved 5 or more GCSEs at A*- C including English and Maths
95% achieved 7 or more GCSEs at A*- C
93% achieved 7 or more GCSEs at A*- C including English and Maths

In the CCEA exams at GCSE level, Ellen Tully was first in MIA, Edward Small joint first in Economics and Peter Cox was joint third in Additional Mathematics.

GCSE Results Trends 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
% with 5 or more grades at A*-C 97.6 99.6 94.2 99 98
% with 7 or more grades at A*-C 91.4 97.7 88 98 95

2014 A Level results as a percentage of the presentations

% A* A*A A*B A-C
MCB 15.2 46.2 74.5 89.1
NI 7.3 29.9 60.4 83.7
UK 8.2 26.0 52.4 76.7

100% of the year group, entered for 2 or more A levels.

10 pupils achieved 3+A* (4.4% of the year group)
58 pupils achieved 3A*A+ (25.6% of the year group)
168 pupils achieved 3+A*- C (74% of the year group)

In the CCEA exams at A Level, Rory Noble-Turner was joint first in Art and Design, Niall Devlin Second in Further Maths, Victoria Loane Second in Religious Education, Rachel Thompson joint second in Maths, and Jackson Riley joint third in Maths.

A Level Results Trends 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
% with 2 or more grades at A-E 98.8 100 99 97.9 99.6
% with 3 or more grades at A-C 77.6 82.7 77.2 74.4 74.0

For a breakdown of results by subject, please read the Annual Prospectus 2014-15

Historic Results 2008-2013

Please click on the links below to download PDF documents containing results summaries from previous years.

Summary of 2013 results

Summary of 2012 results.
Summary of 2011 results.
Summary of 2010 results.

Requesting Exam Certificates


It is the pupil's responsibility to collect their exam certificates when they become available [usually from end of October onwards for exams sat in the summer term]. They will NOT be posted out to the pupil as we require the certificates to be signed for. Pupils at the College should collect GCSE certificates at some time during the course of their 6th form/A-Level studies. 

If a pupil leaves the College or if he/she no longer lives locally, a relative or friend can sign for the certificates: just let us know beforehand so that we can check they are here/ have them ready. Certificates will only be posted out in exceptional circumstances and the College will not take any responsibility for certificates that are lost in transit. 

If a pupil has lost their certificates, the College cannot replace them and does not have copies. They will need to contact the relevant exam boards to order replacement certificates.

For full details on requesting exam certificates click here.