Charlene's Project

Charlene's Project Charity Donation

The College recently made a substantial donation to the charity Charlene's Project with a total sum of £15000, with £3000 being raised by the 1st XI Girls Hockey Team through their 'Every Goal Counts' Pledge and £12000 raised by previous 6th form pupils. 

Charlene's Project in Uganda empowers communities through education, sport and training. They also invest in capital building projects, such as new schools and clean water provision to give each person the best chance of creating their own 'better future'.

"At the beginning of the 2021/22 hockey season I never could have imagined what “success” the Girls’ 1st XI Hockey team would have achieved and enjoyed together both on and off the pitch. When Serena and Bethany Barr turned up at our training session back in October, 2021 to help launch the “Every Goal Counts” pledge I didn’t quite believe that we would score 86 goals and in the process raise more than £3,000 for the charity, “Charlene’s Project”. It just feels incredible that several years ago a sum of money raised by pupils whom I have not even met would have been invested by the College to be used to benefit an educational project in Africa. The College’s headmaster and the Board of Governors decided that Charlene’s Project should benefit from the investment made years ago to contribute a total sum of £15,000 to the charity." Ella Armstrong, U6th

“On behalf of Charlene’s Project I would like to thank Methodist College for their very generous donation to the work of Charlene’s Project in Uganda. We have been working with 8 neighbouring primary schools and are currently completing phase 1 of a secondary school build so that for the first time children in this remote community have access to secondary education. Your donation will help us begin phase 2 which includes an administrative block, boys dormitory, shower block, solar installation and internet connection to school, extending water provision throughout the whole school campus and purchasing the remaining school desks and furniture for the school. The provision of quality secondary education stimulates community development and lifts young people, particularly girls, out of poverty. On behalf of Charlene’s Project and the children who are and will attend Charlene Secondary School in Kiryandongo District in Uganda – THANK YOU.”  Charlene's Project