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Every year the 6th Form Forum decide which charity they will support.

This year the pupils have choose Jordan’s Gift.

Jordan Kennedy touched so many people during his 22 years. He was full of fun, full of life and full of love. Jordan went out of his way to help others. Following his sudden death, his family and friends began, 'Jordan's Gift', a Northern Ireland charity. The main purpose of the Charity is to honour Jordan’s memory and keep it alive by raising funds to assist young people who are disadvantaged by way of disability or need. The name ‘Jordan’s Gift’ was chosen not only to represent the awards and funds we would distribute as ‘gifts from Jordan’ but also to remember that when Jordan died, he gave the gift of life to many by the donation of his organs.

To read more information about Jordan's Gift click the link below:


Due to not being able to host events in school 6th Form are going to take on challenges to raise money for this charity and your donations would be much appreciated. If you would like to donate and support this fundraising campaign please click the button below and select:  6th Form Fundraising 2021 in the Campaign / Appeal section. 

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