New Student Experiences

Why did you choose to come to Methody?

My old school could not provide me with the courses I required, and a friend strongly recommended MCB.

Mainly because the musical aspect of the school was more diverse and of a higher standard. I also wanted a change and the chance to meet new people.

What helped you to settle at Methody?

Everyone was welcoming and friendly and there were lots of other newcomers so I didn’t feel alone.


Getting to know as many new people as possible and having friends who were also new to the college so we could empathise with each other. Learning my way around also helped a lot!

What have you most enjoyed about Methody?

I enjoy the feeling of friendship and community between every pupil at MCB . The students take such pride in their school. Also I find the freedom and trust given to 6th years a really fresh approach to school life.

I really enjoyed the vast amount of extracurricular activities available and the amount of awareness  in the form of talks, conferences and information evenings available with regards to universities and jobs.

What was your biggest challenge in Methody so far, and how have you dealt with it?

Feeling comfortable in the school and getting to know new people. Making lots of friends in my classes helped and I definitely feel that not just sticking with people I already knew has really helped.

Picking what activities I should do – there are so many!

Why should others come to Methody?

I think it is an exciting and vibrant school which opens up lots of opportunities.

The school spirit is unlike any other and the teaching is so good because you are taught at a pace that is reasonable and so you really learn. It’s not too demanding but enough so that even in the freedom of 6th year you will still want to get your head down. As well as that, with so many clubs and societies it is very easy to get involved and feel part of the school.

Any final thoughts?

Don’t be frightened to move: expect the first week or so to be tough, but it is worth it!

Methody is a great school that I would recommend to anyone as I have enjoyed my experience here and don’t regret coming to MCB at all.