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Sixth Form

Sixth Form pupils studying in sixth form centre
Sixth form welcomes new collegians

We are delighted you are considering choosing Methodist College for the education of your child. We offer an unparalleled school experience that is underpinned by opportunity, diversity and excellence.

There's always opportunity at Methody. Every year we welcome Lower Sixth pupils from a range of other schools and provide an induction programme to help them quickly feel at home. 

The current requirements for Lower Sixth are as follows:

  1.  A minimum of 6 GCSE passes at Grade ‘C’ or above (all taken by the end of Form 5);
  2. Students are expected to take three subjects to A level. This means that for the majority of students entry to Lower Sixth will require them to have achieved a minimum of 3 B Grades and 3 C Grades at GCSE including English Language and Mathematics;
  3.  Grade ‘B’ or above in each of the subjects to be taken at A level (or in a related subject if the A subject is first available at that level - see note 1);
  4. Students may request to take a 4th subject if they:  
  •   Intend to apply for a university course that requires 4 A Levels or 
  •   Are studying Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A Level or 
  •   Have another compelling reason to study an additional subject

Note: (1) A related subject is a subject taken at GCSE which requires comparable skills to a proposed A Level subject.
Applications will be considered once the GCSE results are published in August each year. Admission will be based on the grades achieved and subject choices chosen. Those achieving higher grades will be selected before those achieving lower grades. The College may not be able to course some subject combinations.

Priority for entry to Sixth Form and to Sixth Form courses will be given to pupils already enrolled at Methodist College.

*Please note that only in exceptional circumstances will new students be admitted to Upper Sixth*


My time in Methody has shaped who I am today, both as a leader and an individual. This school has given me so many opportunities to excel, from developing academic abilities in the classroom to singing in its renowned choirs and contributing to a diverse community in which I was able to build lasting friendships. I know when I depart Methody at the end of the year, I will take with me the Collegian values of commitment and ambition instilled in me, as well as memories to last a lifetime. 

lUKE ARMSTRONG, Head BOY 2023-2024


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