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 Secondary Department Fees 2023/24

Obligatory £ Per Pupil Optional £ Per Pupil Voluntary £ Per Pupil
Annual College Fund (voluntary)     £590
Capital Fee £140    
School magazine (per copy)   £7  
Membership of Former Pupils Association (final year pupils)    £10  
Locker Key   £10  
Third and successive siblings      nil


Capital Fee

As a Category A Voluntary Grammar School, under statute Methodist College Belfast is permitted to charge a Capital Fee of £140 per pupil. This amount is used towards capital projects. 

College Fund

When a pupil joins Methodist College Belfast Secondary Department we ask parents if they wish to contribute to the College Fund.  This is a voluntary contribution, parents choose if they wish to contribute, and how much they wish to contribute.  The funds generated from the voluntary contribution are used to support the College to deliver both extracurricular and curricular activities.  Departmental funding to all schools has reduced in real terms, and the College Fund has become a crucial part of the funding for the College’s day to day activities.  We are very grateful to all families who partner with the College by committing to the College Fund, the entire College Community expresses its deepest thanks and appreciation to all who have supported and continue to support its work in this way.

Please note for administrative purposes the amount parents commit to when their pupil joins the College is included on the annual invoice. Should a parent wish to change the amount, or to no longer make this voluntary contribution, please contact and this will be arranged.


The College magazine is an annual reflection of the life of the College, and is charged at £7 per family.

Membership of Former Pupils Association (Final Year Pupils only)

A charge of £10 is made in respect of all pupils in Upper Sixth in exchange for life time membership of the Former Pupils Association.