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Whitla Hall

Whitla Hall

The Whitla Hall, named after Sir William Whilta, who donated funds to build an assembly hall, was opened in December 1935. It is a focal point within the grounds of the College and provides a space to gather. It hosts assemblies each morning as well as operating as a lunch hall.

It is also home to our acclaimed music department, where both individual and group music lessons take place. Music plays a very important role in the College, sound tracking school events and services. The facilities within the Whitla Hall allow the many groups and individual musicians to learn, rehearse and perform.

It has been the site of many wonderful drama and music performances over the years, including the infamous staff pantomimes, various prep, junior and senior school shows and choir, band and orchestra recitals. Interestingly, it also acted as a refugee centre during World War 2 Belfast Blitz.


Whitla Hall Floor Tile