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Chapel of Unity

The Chapel of Unity

Built as part of the College’s centenary celebration, using fundraising from pupils, alumni and parents, the Chapel opened its doors in 1968.

The Chapel Of Unity is a unique building that holds a very special place at the centre of College life. If you look up at the roof, the unique shape represents a pair of praying hands. The Latin inscription on the doors, holds the College motto Deus Nobiscum, God with us, as well as Quis separabit, who will separate us.

The Chapel acts as a non-denominational space for reflection and calm. It has hosted many different services and events over the years, both happy and sad. The Chapel of Untiy is where our renowned Chapel Choir gets its name and where they regularly perform. The Chapel also acts as a bookmark for pupils' time in the College. Pupils begin their first day of Form 1 here and the last day of Upper Sixth ends here with a leavers service. At times of difficulty and joy, the Chapel is a focal point that allows the college community to come together. 


Stained Glass window in Chapel
The Chapel of Unity
The Chapel of Unity Organ