College Policy Documents

Please click on the links below to read College Policy documents. Other policy documents are available from the College on request, please contact the Principal's Office.

Access Arrangements Policy - October 2018

External Examinations Internal Appeals Policy - 2018

Controlled Assessment Policy - updated 2017

 Severe Weather Policy 2019

 Flu Pandemic Action Plan 2019

Education Maintenance Allowance [EMA] Policy - updated 2016

Attendance Policy - updated 2013

Anti-Bullying Policy - updated 2013

Child Protection Policy - updated 2018

Code of Conduct for Staff & Volunteers - updated 2013

Concussion Policy

Misuse of Substance Policy 2013

RSE Policy - updated 2013

Safe Handling Policy - updated 2013

Uniform Policy - updated June 2013

Positive Behaviour Policy- Updated 2018

eSafety Policy - Updated 2018

Involvement of Parents and Guardians Policy (June 2010)

MCB Flu Pandemic Action Plan (published September 2009)

Regulations for pupils taking part in school trips

Literacy Policy 2018

Healthy Eating Policy - Chartwells for Methodist College Belfast


Consent Form for pupils taking part in College sports/music activities

Regulations for Sporting Activities and Music Events

Conditions of Use of Images