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Pastoral Care at Methody

 We hope that ALL our pupils are able to enjoy their time here at Methody, with all the opportunities that are available both inside and outside the classroom.  
We recognise, however, that at various times there will be some pupils who need extra help in dealing with the challenges they face. This could be because of difficulties coping with schoolwork and exams, or issues such as bullying and family problems that are causing distress.
Issues like these can affect anyone and there is never any shame in asking for help when it is needed. This is where the College Pastoral Care Team plays an important role. We will always take any worries and concerns very seriously and we want to help. 
The Pastoral Care section of the website contains information about some of the issues that face young people.  There are a lot of useful websites that are particularly good for pupils who would prefer to look for information or speak to someone away from the College.