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Avoiding Exam Stress


It is never too late to start. Ask for help if you need it, but make a start now!

Prioritise your work load, make a study plan.

Be realistic about your study workload.

Study early in the day. Studies show the more you exercise your brain in the morning the better you memory is, and you will have free time later in the day!

Stay as healthy as possible – eat well, get plenty of fluids, sleep and exercise.   Take time to relax.

Take healthy breaks – give yourself a reward that you can look forward to.

Talk about any fears or anxieties with family and friends.

Be realistic about anxieties – we all have them but it is not healthy to stress out endlessly.  If you feel stress is out of control get help from any of the pastoral care team or other staff.

Before exams, organise yourself – be prepared.

If you feel anxious try deep breathing exercises and take control.

After exams – assess how you coped practically but do not autopsy it! 

Now relax and reward yourself.

More advice is available from Pastoral care staff and the Sanatorium.