The Preparatory Department’s main aim is the preparation of pupils for post primary school and life beyond. It is very satisfying to see so many of our former pupils transfer to the College where we follow their achievements with great interest. Many children also transfer to other grammar and non-grammar schools nearer to their homes and again we take delight in hearing of their accomplishments. It is a particular source of pride to the school that so many former pupils enrol their children in the Preparatory Department of Methodist College.

As part of the preparation for transfer at the end of Prep 7, the school has endeavoured to ensure that the children have a sound understanding of the foundations of effective literacy and a sound understanding in the principles of Mathematics.  Emphasis is placed on the provision of a wide range of reading experiences and the development of a flexible use of written and oral language to meet the various demands of modern living. 

We  implement the curriculum in a way to ensure that our high standards remain high by maintaining the best practices of the past with proven modern teaching strategies and techniques. Our Foundation and key Stage 1 classes (Preps 1 to 4) use Learning Through Play as a major constituent of their approach. Language and numeracy development is followed in a way that the children find fun and practical but which has a background in planning that is rigorously thought through and planned.

Key developments within the Revised Curriculum have included Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities (TS & PC) and Personal Development & Mutual Understanding (PDMU). We encourage our children to think and reason for themselves, how to plan their learning, how to work in groups, as individuals, as a class and as part of a whole school community.

The curriculum is constantly reviewed to meet the changing needs of the children and the changing statutory requirements. The increased use of Information Communication Technology is also intended to provide a foundation for the more advanced work which the pupils will meet in the future. Included in the range of other subjects taught are French, Art, P.E., Design and Technology and Drama. The Department is very fortunate to have specialist teachers in music, PE, drama and French.

Specialist Teaching

These subjects are taught by dedicated specialists who help their pupils to develop a love of these subjects as well as reach a higher standard of attainment than is often possible with a non-specialist.

  • Music (P1-7)
  • PE (P1-7)
  • Games (P4-7)
  • Swimming (3-7)
  • Drama (P1-7)
  • French (P3-7)

    Individual Music Tuition

    Tuition in string, piano, brass and other wind instruments is available by private arrangement. The school has its own choir (P5-7), recorder group (P6-7) and orchestra (P4-7).

    Field Trips & Residentials

    Children are encouraged to explore the environment and through practical observation and by reference to resource materials to broaden their experience of the world around them.  This need to observe at first hand will mean class outings with the children leaving the school premises.  On these occasions their destinations may be museums, factories, theatres, history parks, folk parks or other places of educational interest. 
    Each year a more extensive trip is organised for the final year pupils which in the past has been either skiing or a visit to Holland. We recognise that education takes place both within and outside the classroom