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Geological Society

The Geology Society meets every Thursday Lunchtime in L4. Members take part in a wide range of activities during the year.  These are open to all geology students and any other pupils who attend are made very welcome.

Making and erupting volcanoes!

Making volcanoes from paper mache and erupting them is a very popular activity and all members have regularly sampled the conglomerate cookies made from maltesers, chocolate etc.  Pupils have brought in their own collections to share with others and had an opportunity to see a wide range of samples in the classroom.

Trilobites were tweeted on "Trilobite Tuesday"!

Internet based activities can be used to investigate current geological issues such as Lignite mining in Ballymoney. Recent eruptions , fossil finds or earthquakes are put up on the noticeboard and pupils maintain  and contribute to the information on the board. 

Fossil moulds

In the past, pupils have attended lectures run by the Ulster Museum and the Belfast Geological Society.  Ten pin bowling linked to the Yellow Helmet Award for the top score before the lectures was also popular.  Several field trips per year for society members to the North Coast, Islandmagee and Minnis North provide an opportunity to find fossils and understand more about the local rocks.

Past activities have included:

  • Field trip to Minnis North and Browns Bay
  • Ten Pin Bowling at the Odyssey and watching ‘the Day after Tomorrow
  • A debate sponsored by the Geological Survey Northern Ireland as Part of National Science week
  • Open days at the Ordnance Survey and Geological Survey NI
  • Field trip to the Marble Arch Caves –The pupils took part in a Fossil Fun Day and assisted in the making of fossils, rock and mineral identification and had a trip to the caves
  • Making volcano posters and 3-D models of volcanoes