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Drama (Junior)

Each year, MCB Junior Drama Society puts on a production in the middle of June; it’s  something to look forward to after a busy year.  Past productions include Bugsy Malone and The Wizard of Oz.

Annie - 2015

The 2015 Junior Drama production was a well-loved musical, designed to get everyone singing along – Annie.

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Annie tells the story of a little girl living in a New York orphanage. By a  twist of fate she ends up living in the lap of luxury with the Depression-era billionaire Oliver Warbucks.

This was a great success with over 50 pupils involved in the cast. The choreography was done by our own talented Lydia Heath and the pupils worked hard to ensure that the ‘sun did come out tomorrow!’

The cast was made up of pupils from Form 1 to Form 3 and it was hard to believe that such a young cast could display such talent.  Mrs Davidson, Mrs  Devlin, Mr  Major and Miss Anderson led the rehearsals each week. Lydia Heath and Mrs Hart took charge of the intricate choreography moves and Miss Coll put everyone through their paces with their singing. Everyone pitched in helping out with lighting, sound, costumes, make–up and staging and, of course, the play would not have been possible without the production team and their dedication to getting the show on the road.

Annie was performed  four  times: once for local primary school children and three times for friends and families in the Whitla Hall. There was a great turnout at every single performance and many in the audience sang along.

The music was provided in a professional manner by the Junior School Orchestra and the musical director holding everything together was Mr Jordan. 

 And of course our very own principal appeared looking STUNNING!

Some final words from some of the cast members:

“Despite Annie’s ‘hard-knock life’ she had a strong group of friends in the orphanage who loved and supported her. That’s where we are similar. While we might not have to eat ‘cold mush’ and don’t quite have a hard knock life, our involvement in Annie has allowed all of us to make many more new friends, whom we’ll continue to support in the years ahead. And as we all now know, no matter what happens, ‘the sun will come out tomorrow’."

The Wizard of Oz - 2014

Audiences were spellbound as they were transported from Kansas into Oz  along the yellow brick road in an adventure full of laughter, sacrifice and suspense. Depending on their part, performers committed themselves to 2 to 5 rehearsals every week.  Despite being worked very hard by the directors, everyone contributed to a wonderful series of shows.

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The play starts as Dorothy, played by the extremely talented Annie McIlwane (Form 2) and Toto, played very bravely by Ronan McCallister (Form 3) are on the run from the terrifying Miss Gultch, (Olivia Copeland). Dorothy begs Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, (Fiona Murray and Mark Lockhart), to protect them from her. The three useless farm hands, played by Thomas Trainer, Patrick Brownlie and Jake Lowry, try and offer their assistance. Of course,  as we know,  everything  goes drastically wrong; Toto gets taken away by Miss Gultch and so the story unfolds.

The cast would like to thank all the teachers and 6th form students who made this production possible: Miss Anderson; Mr Major; Miss Coll; Eleanor Henderson; Erin McHugh; Ellen Collier; Lucy McAdam and Lauren Naismith.  We would also like to thank Jonathan Field for leading the essential  backstage crew.  A special mention goes out to Mr  Jordan and his orchestra, who put in so much effort to learn all the songs in such a short space of time.

Afterwards, one of the cast commented about the Junior School Drama:
“After being in it two years running, I can easily say that being in the Junior School plays has been the highlight of my time at Methody so far. I am eager to see what next year’s production will be and I wholly recommend that anyone who wants to, should definitely audition!”

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - 2012

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The Sound of Music - 2011