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Debating Society (Junior)

The Junior Debating Society meets on Wednesdays in the Drama Studio and currently has about 70 pupils who regularly take part.  Students from Forms 1 – 4 are welcome.  Debates begin at 1.10 and pupils are asked to be seated by 1.05. You may bring your lunch along with you.

The society is an entertaining way to spend lunchtime, with a welcoming atmosphere and lots of opportunity to develop your listening, speaking, and questioning skills. Taking part or just watching a debate will not only be enjoyable, but will also help you with oral and written work in a range of subjects.  If you are in 4th Form, you can even use the debate as a Talking & Listening exercise towards your GCSE. Let your English teacher know that you’re taking part.

If you are a keen speaker, there are opportunities for you to take part in competitions with pupils from other schools across Northern Ireland. 

Popular topics debated in the last year include serious topics such as media bias, gun control in the USA, and whether Northern Ireland is an equal society, to lighter topics like the best movie of all time.

Upcoming events will include the RIBI Youth Speaks competition in 2016.



Our debating committee listen to junior pupils’ input and decide on debating topics.  We also offer mentoring to the younger pupils to help them form ideas, structure arguments and gain confidence in public speaking.  They will also come along to your debate and support you!

New and experienced speakers always welcome. Contact Mrs Devlin for further details.

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