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Christian Union (Senior)

The Senior CU meets in the Drama Studio at Friday Lunchtime and everyone in Senior School (forms 4-6) is welcome to come along for fellowship and fun.

In the course of the year, the Senior CU welcomes speakers from organisations like Exodus and the Scripture Union who come to talk about matters of faith. Pupils themselves also take turns speaking about mission trips they have taken part in during the holidays.
Most terms are based on a theme that is explored over a number of weeks e.g. the different names of God, a theme which pupils found both interesting and challenging! 
The CU weekend takes place in October: 40 pupils, a few hardy members of staff, a trip to the north coast for beach games, campfires, and Mr Lindsay’s Saturday night quiz make it a winning combination! 

Senior CU also takes part in an inter-schools worship event with BRA and Bloomfield. This event, as well as being a very enjoyable experience, is a way to build relationships between schools and to make new friendships.