Chess Club

Chess is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide. Thanks to the persistence and perseverance of Adam Hennig and Daniel Xu, the Chess Club came out of its forced retirement (following Dr Murphy’s departure) and has been meeting every lunchtime in E2 (not Wednesday). 

We are indebted to Dr Murphy who has not forgotten us and pops in occasionally to encourage us and gloat that, unlike the Chess Club, he is still retired.  Ex-pupil Chris Conn has also supported the Club by coming in to offer his expertise on a Tuesday. We are particularly indebted to the PTA who have supplied us with some smashing new boards, pieces and storage equipment. 

On a personal note, my sincere thanks to the willing band of Assistant Prefects who were extremely diligent and committed to their duties.  You know who you are.

Miss O. Moore 
Teacher in Charge