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Bar Mock Trial

This competition, organised by the Citizenship Foundation, takes place annually throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with pupils tackling intricate legal cases and proving themselves in front of High Court Judges.  

Participation is for pupils in L6th and U6th, who meet Monday and Wednesday after school in F8/9/Drama Studio. 

Bar Mock Trial 2012 

A number of pupils from Methody took part in this year's Bar Council Mock Trial. This provided a unique opportunity for pupils to gain practical experience of the workings of the legal system, giving a real insight into the legal process of questioning, cross examining and speech writing. It also helped pupils further develop key life skills such as public speaking and problem solving through active learning.  

Pictured above: Top row (left-right) are Orla Herity, Olivia Wasson, Christina Bell, Rory Copeland and Oliver Donnelly
Bottom row (left-right)  Dr Gallagher, Catriona Campbell, Des Conroy, Serena McAnee, Chris Eames, Claire McGregor, Hannah McGovern, Alec Fair, Jethro Baird, Mr Keith McGarry (Mentor) and Mr Joel Lindsay (Mentor)

Not in picture Mr David McDowell (Mentor) and Mrs Melanie Jones (Mentor)