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Geology news
 Tuesday 30th January
 Three lower 6 and two upper 6 Geology students took part in the Regional GeolSoc National Schools Geology Challenge at Rathmore Grammar school. The Methody group won the poster part of the competition and presented a poster and Powerpoint based on Critical Geological Resources based on mainly Rare Earth Elements. These are a group of elements that are essential to technology and energy and include Indium and Terbium. Some of these are essential for creating magnets in wind turbines. Rathmore won the overall competition and the group enjoyed the challenges of the day. We are grateful to Dr Mike Simms  from the Ulster Museum who met us in the Elements section of the Museum and inspired the group to focus on the mineral and element links to technology and energy.
Wednesday 31 January
The Methody Geology and Geography classes had a visit from prof Iain Stewart who is Director of the sustainable Earth Institute in the School of Geography, Earth and environmental Sciences in Plymouth University and Dr Garth earls who was the Director of the Geological Survey in Northern Ireland and has over 35 years experience in mineral exploration and management.  He is also a past pupil of Methody.  the pupils were able to ask a wide range of questions from what was their most dangerous event to what do volcanologists do.  Prof Stewart highlighted the importance of geoscientific research to help future hazard management.  The pupils had to consider who the future geoscientists would be to help protect and conserve the environment. 'If you can't grow it, you have to dig it up!'

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