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Congratulation to Darragh Tibbs (F5) on being the first pupil in Northern Ireland to receive a Rank Foundation Leadership Award. As a Leadership Award holder (also known as School Fellows), Darragh will attend a Leadership Day in London during each of his years in sixth form. He will also experience a Community Action Placement each summer, spending two weeks with inspirational projects within the Rank network. Connection with the volunteering and mentoring opportunities provided by the Foundation (and Fellowship) will help Darragh and other participants to develop their leadership potential as fully as possible outside of their own schools. Alumni of the Leadership Award become members of the Rank Fellowship. The Fellowship was launched in November 2003 by the late Fred Packard, grandson of J Arthur Rank and then Chairman of the Foundation. This was timed to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Leadership Award. The Fellowship promotes networking and mutual support among Fellows, encouraging them to invest time and effort in voluntary activities. The Fellowship has organised charities evenings, mentoring and career development evenings, dinners, social entrepreneurship events and workshops for small charities. The Fellowship’s Steering Committee meets four times a year to develop its activities under three distinct headings: communication, charitable work and mentoring. Lindsey Clay has recently taken over the role of Chairman of the Fellowship, which Jason Chaffer had held since its inception. The Fellowship’s mission is “Nurturing Leaders for the benefit of society”.

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