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Compliance and Malpractice Guidance Booklets

Compliance and Malpractice Guidance Booklets

Following on from CCEA's recent launch of online learning resource, CCEA would like to introduce you to 3 accompanying Compliance and Malpractice Guidance Booklets. 

CCEA  booklets are designed to help prevent malpractice while delivering or taking CCEA qualifications.

They explain what malpractice is and help everyone to stay within the rules for examinations, controlled assessment and coursework.

There are 3 guidance booklets:
Guidance for Candidates
Guidance for Parents/Guardians
Guidance for Centre Staff
All 3 booklets can be accessed via the button below:


The booklets should be used in conjunction with the current Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) document ‘Suspected malpractice in examinations and assessments: policies and procedures’

To access the letter sent via Schoolscom to all parents in Form 5, L6 and U6, regarding Special Consideration click here. 

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