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Physical Education


To promote the physical, personal and social well being of all pupils, irrespective of ability, by offering a challenging and enjoyable practical experience through a balanced, progressive and relevant activity-based programme.
Specific aims:    enable pupils
• to acquire and refine a range of physical skills and develop an awareness of relevant safety procedures.
• to achieve their potential at their own level of participation.
• to experience and appreciate the contribution of physical activity and the benefit of exercise towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
• to experience enjoyment of physical activity in school and in preparation for continued participation during leisure time and into adult life.
• to develop an awareness of the aesthetic and creative nature of movement.
• to develop an ability to plan, evaluate and improve performance in a range of activities.
• to appreciate the significance of co-operation and competition in physical activity and develop positive social, moral and sporting attitudes.
Mr T D Creighton - Head of Faculty
Mr J. Kennedy
Mrs F.M. McIlwaine - PE Curriculum & Games Co-ordinator
Mrs L Fulton
Mr N K Wells - Director of Rugby
Mrs C. Moreland
Mrs H Kirkpatrick - Administrative Support
Physical Education and Games
The vast majority of pupils in MCB (Key stage 3 and 4) benefit from a combination of single PE lessons (50 mins) together with a double lesson of timetabled Games through which the Northern Ireland Curriculum is delivered.  In addition, a limited number of pupils may opt for GCSE Physical Education  
MCB is a ‘split site’ school and it is appropriate in a practical and planning sense to distinguish between PE and Games.  PE is taught on the main school campus concentrating for the most part on Swimming, Gymnastics, Minor Games, Health Related PE, Athletics and Dance.  Games, however, mostly take place off site at Pirrie Park playing fields and several other venues in close proximity to the College, concentrating on the major sports of Rugby, Hockey, Rowing, Netball, Athletics, Cricket and Tennis.
PE is taught by specialists, while Games, although involving the PE Department, is dependent on the additional support of numerous non-PE members of staff, where emphasis is given over to skill development and team building in keeping with the traditional nature of competitive Games within Methodist College.
Key Stage 3 Provision

Form 1 – 1 x PE Lessons/1 Double Games Lesson
Boys Games Choice – Rugby/Hockey;      Athletics/Cricket
Girls Games Choice -  Hockey/Netball;     Athletics/Tennis/Rounders
Form 2 & Form 3 – 1 x PE Lesson/1 Double Games Lesson
Boys Games Choice – Rugby/Hockey      Athletics/Cricket/Tennis & *Rowing* (*3rd Form Only)
Girls Games Choice -  Hockey/Netball/Multi-Activity;    Athletics/Tennis/Rounders
The PE programme at Key Stage 3 is a modular/progressive one that allows as much as possible for concepts to be revisited and developed over the three years.   The school year is best divided into four approximately equal blocks of 6-7 weeks from September through to Easter, followed by a summer term programme which may vary in length.   
The four block programme rotates with all pupils within a year group following the same scheme of work.   It is hoped, however, that these schemes will not be so prescriptive that individual teaching style and special areas of study are prevented.   Pupils are assessed informally throughout each module and this together with representation on school teams forms the basis for end of year comments on school reports.
Key Stage 4 Provision

Form 4 – 1 x PE Lesson/1 Double Games Lesson

Boys Games Choice
Rugby/Hockey/Rowing; Athletics/Cricket/Rowing/Tennis

Girls Games Choice 
Hockey/N.ball/Rowing/Multi-Activity;Athletics /Tennis/ Rowing /Rounders
Form 5 – 1 x PE Lesson/1 Double Games Lesson
Games choice as for  Form 4 + the opportunity if spaces available to opt for some additional activities offered to 6th Form (see below).
The PE programme at Key Stage 4 allows for a greater degree of flexibility for pupils with the opportunity also to use the Fitness/Weights areas both for HRPE and personal development.
Form 6 Provision
L6th – 1 Double Games Lesson (optional)
U6th – 1 Double Games Lesson (optional)

The choice of sports available widens considerably on entry to 6th form and the following activities are currently on offer:
Boys Games Choices: 
Autumn/Spring Term – Rugby, Hockey, Rowing, Weights/Fitness, Badminton, Tennis, Golf and Football
Summer Term – Athletics, Cricket, Rowing, Tennis, Badminton, Weights/Fitness, Golf and Football

Girls Games Choices:
Autumn/Spring Term – Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Volleyball, Fitness,  Badminton, Tennis
Summer Term – Tennis, Athletics, Rowing, Aerobics, Fitness, Volleyball

All pupils, in the vast majority of these sports and games, have the opportunity for further development in the extensive extra- curricular programme MCB offers.
Examination  - Physical Education
Introduced in 2006 this is available to a limited number of pupils who meet established criteria and runs over two years following the AQA specification.   Currently candidates are assessed in four practical activities which amounts to 60% of the final grade with the remaining 40% theory based and assessed by written examination.   This includes the study of exercise physiology, nutrition, principles of training and the socio-cultural aspects of sport.

On School Site
Sports Hall (38m x 22m) – opened in 1995 by Sir Roger Bannister this superb facility can accommodate up to three P.E. classes at the one time by separating the hall with full width curtains.
The hall incorporates:
6 Badminton Courts;
3 Practice Basketball Courts;
1 Full Size Basketball Court;
3 Practice Volleyball Courts;
1Full Size Volleyball Court;
1 Full Size Netball Court;
2 Indoor Cricket Nets.

2 Fitness Suites/Weights Rooms – Located in the Sports Hall complex these state of the art facilities contain a range of modern cardio vascular and resistance weight stations.

Swimming Pool (25m x 10m x 1m) – an excellent purpose built teaching facility used for curricular PE, Swimming Club and Kayaking Club.
1 multi-purpose quadrangle – used for curricular PE and after school practices.
1 multi-purpose grass area – used for curricular PE and after school practices.
1 large gymnasium (21m x 14m) – used for curricular PE, including gymnastics,  dance and aerobics as well as after school clubs.
Off School Sites
Pirrie Park (Playing Fields etc) – located 3 miles from the College and set in approximately 38 acres. Pirrie is used five afternoons per week for timetabled games as well as extra-curricular practices and Saturday morning fixtures.
The facility currently comprises:
9 Rugby pitches (7 Full size)
1 Floodlit Training area/rugby pitch
2 Hockey pitches (gravel) which converts into a 300m Athletic track
6 Netball courts; 11 Tennis Courts
2 Cricket pitches (1 artificial square; 1 artificial/grass square)
2 Cricket Nets
3 separate changing facilities including the David Wells Pavilion opened in 2008.
Deramore Park – located 2 miles from the College, Deramore accomodates our full size sand-based Astroturf Hockey pitch which is used for timetabled games, after school practices and Saturday morning fixtures.

Boathouse – newly built in 2005 this excellent facility is home to our considerable fleet and is used for rowing during curricular games time, before/after school and Saturday mornings.
Other Off School Facilities Used
Shankill Leisure Centre – HRPE and Badminton
Belfast Boat Club – Squash and Tennis
Mary Peter Track – Athletics
QUB PEC – Netball
QUB – ‘DUB’ Astroturf Pitch – Hockey + Football
Ormeau Park – Tennis and Football
Ashfield Girls – Hockey(astro)