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Reunions & Events


London Dinner 2018

This year's London gathering of Methody past pupils will be on Friday 8th February. 

This is an annual get together for past pupils from all years. Husbands, wives, partners, Belfast members and international members are all very welcome. The dress code is lounge suits or black tie.

We gather from 6.30 for drinks, going into dinner around 7.30. Over coffee we hear from the Headmaster (Scott Naismith), and will then learn about the events planned to celebrate Methody's 150th anniversary. The anniversary celebrations are following the original pupils through their first year, so running from September 2018 to June 2019.

The venue is a minute from Waterloo station, at the Union Jack Club.

The price is held at £55 a head, with a cash bar throughout the evening. For past pupils still under 30, there is a special price of £40 each.

(Please note, we don't issue tickets, and we do need to give final names to the venue a day or two before the event).

For bookings, please click here.

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Please also keep an eye on the website of the FPA for additional news and events:


Current Clubs & Societies

Methody Old Boys Golf Society 2017
Captain: Patrick Miscampbell [MCB 1997]
Hon Secretary: Ryan Hay [MCB 1993]

Please spread the word about our society to all ex MCB pupils young and old and if anyone wants added to the email database please just send me their email address and also like our Facebook page


Previous Reunions & Events   

MCB Class of 1967 Reunion – September 2017

It was 50 years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught his band to play…

Well not exactly, but 50 years ago in 1967, as well as the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper, Sandie Shaw won the Eurovision Song Contest, ‘The Prisoner’ with Patrick McGoohan was on TV, Harold Wilson devalued the Pound (“This will not affect the Pound in your pocket…”),  - and Foinavon won the Grand National at 100:1

And for many of us, 1967 was the year when we sat our A-levels, and left MCB, for pastures new…..Please click here to read more

 Reunion photographs:

Celebration of Boarding

A Big Thank You to everyone who attended the Celebration of Boarding events July 2nd & 3rd and August 27th & 28th 2010. It was lovely to meet so many of you, to hear your stories about your time in boarding and to see you enjoy meeting up with old friends. 

Headmaster Mr Scott Naismith, Former Headmaster Dr Wilfred Mulryne and Former Boarder Christopher Brown (aka Chris Barrie) with the Celebration of Boarding Book

Boarding at Methody

The long tradition of boarding at Methody sadly came to an end in June 2010. This was an unprecedented occasion in the life of the College and the organisation of a suitable event to commemorate and celebrate the contribution of the boarding departments was quite the challenge!

In the end, two events were organised, taking place in the summer months. The first event took place over the first weekend in July and was well attended by about 100 former boarders. Friendships were renewed and memories shared, and although bittersweet, many former pupils expressed their joy at being able to revisit the College. Similar numbers attended on the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of August and a lovely time was had by those who attended.

Please click on the links below to have a look at the contact sheets of photographs taken at the July event and a PDF File containing some of the photographs taken at the August weekend. These are available to buy from the photographer.

Contact sheet 1
Contact sheet 2
Contact sheet 3

Sample of Pictures taken at August event - please click here

If anyone would like to send me a CD with copies of photos taken at either the July or August weekend, I would be delighted to add them to the gallery.

Celebration of Boarding - Weekend 2

Former pupils attending the August weekend of events included:  

 Name Surname Maiden Name Boarded
George Allen   1949-1950
Ann and Bob Bagnall    
Joan Bailie Balmer 1963 - 1970
Gwen Bentley Ferguson 1964 - 1968
Pauline Best Sleath  
Christopher Brown     
Helen Brownlee   1985 - 1989
Ernest Campbell    
Pamela Carleton    
Sandra Cather   1972 - 1979
J Derek Caulfield   1959 - 1966
Paul Chan   1989 - 1997
Allen Cochrane   1973 - 1982
Tanya Courtney   1985-1990
Lois Cuthbertson Annesley 1970 - 1979
Malcolm Dawson    
Ann Deans Balmer 1963 - 1971
Paddy Dijk-Colvin   1963 - 1971
Alastair Dorman   1988 - 1995
Ellie Dorman   1994 - 2001
Brian Duffin   1968 - 1972
Susan Elliott   1976 - 1982
Trevor Elliott   1978 - 1984
Mark Elliott   1979 - 1986
Evelyn Ellison Stewart 1971 - 1978
Edith Emerson   1969 - 1976
Helen (Vicky) Evans McConnell 1955 - 1963
Richard J Finlay   1959 - 1966
William Gibson   1975 - 1982
Peter Hamilton   1975 - 1987?
Carmina Harlow O'Brien 1973 - 1983
Elizabeth Harris   1973 - 1980
Michael Hayes   1969 - 1977
Ian Jagoe   1949 - 1958
Daphne Jenkins Allen  
Jane Keen Hartley  1969 -1977
Trevor Kennedy   1948 - 1950 
Pat  Kennelly Nelson 1946 - 1953
Lynda Kerr Green 1962 - 1968
Hazel Kincaid Clarke 1973 - 1980
Denise Lowry Jardin 1944 - 1953
Tracey Marsh  Hayes 1975 - 1978
Ruth McAdam Elliott 1978 - 1985
Karen McCrea Robb 1978 - 1983
Nathaniel McDowell   1979 - 1985
Moyra McMaster Cather 1968 - 1973
Lesley Miller Newsam 1959 - 1966
Wilfred Mulryne Former Headmaster 1954 - 1962
Scott Naismith Headmaster  
David Neilands Chaplain  
Averil O'Donnell Warren 1963 - 1970
Anne Parkhill   1954 - 1961
Alan  Parkhill   1954 - 1961
Eve Parkhill Shillington  
Kate (Kathleen) Pettipiece Newsam 1965 - 1973
Helen   Reid   1972 - 1980
Christine Ross Bambrick 1972 - 1979
Ivan Rowe   1960 - 1968
Brian Rowe    
Chris  Seaward Burns 1962-1965
Sheelagh Sleath    
Janet Smith Elliott 1975 - 1982
Nicki Spicer   1971 - 1977
Kathleen Stewart Hassard 1973 - 1980
Adele Walker O'Donoghue 1973 - 1980
Verena  Wallace   1971 - 1980
Alan  Warren   1959 - 1965
Melanie Webster Heslip  
Janet Wheeler Skillen 1973-1983
Arlene Wray Cochrane 1973 - 1981
Alison Wright Cather 1980 - 1987
Alison Wright-Reid   1970 - 1977

Class of 1980 Reunion 

'If you thought the Class of '80 had forgotten that 30 year anniversary mark, you would be wrong!  Through the major social networking sites we raised enough interest to hold a hooley on Saturday 5th November at Belfast Harlequins.  

The Class of 1980 recently held a reunion - please click to read the report of this very successful evening. 

Email Roisin Walsh for details: 

 Class of 1962-69 Reunion

Some former pupils at the reunion, including, centre, Anne Millar (organiser in chief!) 
To read the report of how the event went, please click here 
More photos can be found on Flickr