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Admissions to Form L6

 Sixth Form Information Afternoon

Form 5 pupils and parents interested in transferring to Methodist College for Sixth Form are invited to attend an Information Afternoon for prospective sixth form pupils which will be held on 22 March 2019 at 3.00pm.

The criteria for admitting pupils to places in Forms 2 to Lower Sixth have been approved by the Board of Governors of Methodist College Belfast. The application of the criteria is delegated to an Admissions Panel consisting of the Principal, the Vice Principal (Admissions) and one other member of the Senior Leadership Team.  Consideration will be given to any medical or other problem that may have temporarily affected a student’s academic performance.  This needs to be supported by appropriate documentary evidence.  A pupil will be admitted only where their admission will not prejudice the efficient use of resources.

Please click here to download Form 6 Choices Information Booklet 2018-2019

Please click here to download Form 6 Choices Information Booklet 2019-2020 

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Entry to Sixth Form

Applicants to Lower Sixth must have achieved the following academic entry requirements:

1. A minimum of 6 GCSE passes at Grade ‘C’ or above (all taken by the end of Form 5);

2. Students are expected to take three subjects to A level.  This means that for the majority of students entry to Lower Sixth will require them to have achieved a   minimum of 3 B Grades and 3 C Grades at GCSE including English Language and Mathematics;

3. Grade ‘B’ or above in each of the subjects to be taken at A level (or in a related subject if the A subject is first available at that level - see note 1);

4. Students may request to take a 4th subject if they:  
   i.    Intend to apply for a university course that requires 4 A Levels or 
   ii.   Are studying Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A Level or 
   iii.  Have another compelling reason to study an additional subject

Note: (1) A related subject is a subject taken at GCSE which requires comparable skills to a proposed A Level subject.
Applications will be considered once the GCSE results are published in August each year.  Admission will be based on the grades achieved and subject choices chosen.  Those achieving higher grades will be selected before those achieving lower grades.  The College may not be able to course some subject combinations.

Priority for entry to Sixth Form and to Sixth Form courses will be given to pupils already enrolled at Methodist College.

Please note that only in exceptional circumstances will new students be admitted to Upper Sixth.

Issues which arise from the admissions process may be raised with the College through The Appeals Panel composed of three members of the Board of Governors, selected by the Education and Extra-Curricular Committee of the Board of Governors.