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Transport Arrangements

Transport Arrangements

Travel Passes

The decision regarding pupil eligibility for a bus or train pass lies with the Education and Library Board for the area in which the pupil lives. The College will distribute travel passes after they have been issued but the original application must be made to the Board. 

Once a pupil has been accepted into the College, an application form for a travel pass can be obtained from the Education & Library Board website or the College Rolls & Records Department. 

The form should be completed and returned to the Rolls & Records Dept. in order to be signed/stamped before being sent to the Board for a decision on eligibility/a travel pass to be issued.

For pupils already at the College it may be necessary to reapply each September as the Education and Library Boards do not always automatically reissue a travel pass, particularly in the case of 5th form pupils entering the 6th form.

The College does not provide special bus services for pupils. Pupils use the main Translink bus and train services for travelling to and from school.  

Below is information relevant to pupils travelling to and from Methody. This is for guidance only and any queries about individual services should be directed to Translink. 

1. Belfast City Centre
Belfast City Centre
Depart No. 8B, 9A, 9B (Metro) every 10/15 minutes from left hand side of City Hall
Routes '8B' go up Malone Road (to MCB front gate)
'9A 9B' go up Lisburn Road (to back gate Fullerton, MCB)
Arrive Regular intervals (10 minute journey)
Return Every 10 minutes 

2. Comber, Ballynahinch, Saintfield, Carryduff, Four Winds, Belvoir Areas
Comber/ Ballygowan Area

(2) No. 11 (Blue) 7.40am Comber Road 
Route (1) Comber Bus Station, Upper Newtownards Road, City Centre
(2) Ballygowan, Saintfield, Carryduff, Stranmillis Road
Arrive (1) 8.10am (Laganside Bus Station)
(2) 8.10am (Stanmillis Road)
Return (1) No. 5h (Metro), 4pm (outside Centre on Malone Road)
(2) No. 11 (Blue) 4.10pm (from Laganside Bus Station in City Centre)

Saintfield/ Carryduff
Depart (1) No. 15 (Blue) 7.35am
(2) No. 18H (Blue) 7.45am
Route (1) Saintfield Bus Station, Carryduff, Saintfield Road
(2) Carryduff, Saintfield Road
Arrive (1) 8.10am (side gate Malone Road, MCB)
(2) 8.10am (side gate Malone Road, MCB)
Return (1) No. 15 (Blue) 15.15pm (outside Centra on Malone Road)
(2) No. 18 (Blue) 15.15pm (outside Centra on Malone Road)

Depart (1) No. 12 (Blue) 7.25am
Route (1) Ballygowan Road, Moneyrea Road, Castlereagh Road 

Depart No. 18H (Blue) 7.35am
Route Ballynahinch, Carryduff, Saintfield Road, Stranmillis Road
Arrive 8.15am (Stranmillis Road)
Return No. 18H (Blue) 15.25pm (outside Centra on Malone Road)

Four Winds/ Cairnshill Area 
Depart (1) Four Winds - No. 15H/18H (Blue) 07.55am & 8am (there are earlier and later ones)
(2) Cairnshill- No.7A (Metro) 7.32 or 7.43am
Route (1) Saintfield Road to MCB 
(2) Cairnshill, Forestside, Ormeau Road, QUB
Arrive 8.20am (side gate Malone Road, MCB) 
Return No. 7A/7B (Metro) 3.23pm, every 7 minutes  behind QUB (or if going home later, take bus from Centra - see Ballynahinch information)

3. East Belfast Area
Roselawn/ Castlereagh Hills Area
Depart (1) No. 7A (Metro) (every 25 minutes)
(2) No. 6A (Metro) every 10 minutes
Route (1) Four Winds Forestside, MCB 
(2) Cregagh Road, City Centre
 Arrive (1) (Behind QUB)
(2) City Centre
Return (1) No. 7A (Metro) 3.23pm, behind QUB
(2) No.6A (Metro) every 10 minutes 

Dundonald/ Ballyhackamore Areas
Depart (1) No. 4D (Metro) 7.35am (Ulster Hospital Start Point)
(2) No. 11 (Blue) 7.35am (Grahambridge Road then into Dundonald)
Route (1) Ulster Hospital, Upper Newtownards Road to City Centre (front of City Hall)
(2) Comber Road, Tullycarnet, City Centre
Arrive (1) 8.10am (in City Centre)
(2) 8.10am (in City Centre)
Return (1) No. 4C & 4D (Metro) (from City Centre) 

Belmont Area 
Depart (1) No. 3A (Metro) 7.45am (every 10 minutes)
(2) No. 20 (Metro) 7.45am (every 10 minutes)
Route (1) Tesco's Knocknagoney, Sydenham, Holywood Arches, Newtownards Road, May Street in City Centre
(2) Belmont Road, Holywood Arches, Newtownards Road, May Street in City Centre
Arrive 8.05am (in City Centre) 
Return No. 3A (Metro) (May Street in City Centre) 3.45pm (every 10 minutes) 

Sydenham Train Station, 8.01 am to Botanic Station (every 20 minutes until 09.21am), 11 minutes Travel Time.

Upper Newtownards Road
Depart No. 4C/D Times:












Route to City Centre
Arrive City Centre
Return No. 4C/D (Metro) (front of City Hall) Times: 










4. Craigavon, Moira, Hillsborough, Lisburn
Craigavon, Lurgan
Depart No. 51 (Blue), 6.35 am
Route Craigavon, Lurgan, Moira, Lisburn, Lisburn Road to MCB
Arrive 8.00 am
Return No. 51 (Blue), Times: 3.30pm 4.05pm 4.30pm
Depart (1) No. 524 (Blue), 07.25 am
(2) No. 51 (Blue), 7.30am
Route (1) Lisburn, Hillhall Road, Upper Malone Road
(2) Bus Station, Dunmurry, Finaghy, Balmoral
Arrive (1) 0751 am (side gate Malone Road, MCB)
(2) 8.05 am (back gate Fullerton, Lisburn Road, MCB)
Return (1) No. 22 (Blue), 4.10 pm (outside Centra, Malone Road)
(2) No. 51 (Blue), 3.35 pm and 4.10 pm and 4.35pm (back gate Fullerton, Lisburn Road, MCB)
Depart Train 07.10 am
Route City Hospital
Arrive 07.30 am
Return 4.05 pm to Great Victoria Street then the 4.23pm to Lambeg
Depart No. 524 (Blue), 7.40 am
Route Drumbeg, Rossvale, Upper Malone Road
Arrive 7.51 am (side gate Malone Road, MCB)
Return No. 524a (Blue), 3.47 pm (outside Centra on Malone Road)

5. Finaghy, Dunmurry, Malone Area
Finaghy/ Dunmurry
Depart (1) 103 (Blue) enters 8.10am in to Dunmurry from Dunmurry Seymour Hill 
(2), 9A(Metro), times:















18min Travel Time
Route Conway, Lisburn Road (No. 9 via Dunmurry)
Return No. 8A/B and 9A (Metro), every 15 minutes to Conway (i.e. between Lisburn and Dunmurry)
Depart No. 8A, 8B, 8C (Metro) (every 10 minutes), No. 524/a (Blue)
Route Erinvale
Arrive Every 10 minutes (side gate Malone Road, MCB)
Return No. 8A, 8B, 8C (Metro) (every 10 minutes), No. 524 (Blue) 3.47pm and 3.55pm
(Front of QUB or outside Centra, Malone Road
6. Carrickfergus, Greenisland, Whiteabbey, Jordanstown Area
Depart 7.46 am Greenisland Station
Route Shore Road
Arrive 8.11 am (City Hospital)
Return 3.48 pm or 4.16 pm
7. Templepatrick, Newtownabbey, Glengormley Area
Depart No. 300 (Blue), 7.35 am at the Park and Ride
Route Templepatrick, Motorway, Europa (City Centre)
Arrive 8.25 am (Europa, City Centre)
Return No. 300 (Blue), (from Europa, City Centre) (every 15 minutes)
8. Bangor, Hollywood Areas
Bangor, Hollywood Area (Train)
Depart (1) Bangor Train Station 7.37 am & 7.57am
Route :Bangor West Carnlea, Helen’s Bay, Seahill, Cultra, Marino,Hollywood,Belfast Lanyon Place, Botanic Station.
Arrive 8.13am & 8.33am
Return (1) Botanic Train Station 3.37pm or 4.10 pm
9. North Belfast
North Belfast/Ballysillan
Depart No. 12A (Metro), 7.40am
Route Oldpark Road, Carlisle Circus, City Centre
Arrive 8.02 am (Wellington Place)
Return No. 12A (Metro), opposite City Hall every 20 minutes

Full timetables as well as news of any changes to the services can be found on their website at Alternatively, they can be contacted on 028 90 66 66 30.