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ACADEMIC STAFF 2018 – 2019 

Principal: Mr Scott Naismith

Senior Vice- Principal: Ms Jemma Davison

Vice- Principals: Dr Heather Collier, Mr Alastair Craig

Assistant Principal Teachers: Miss Julie Copeland, Mr Paul Kirk


Dr Alison Moore
Head of Faculty, Head of Art  
Mrs Gillian Braband
Learning Support Mentor
Mrs Lauren Davidson
Mrs Claire McCullough
Form Tutor
Mr Pol O’Labhradha
P/T: M/T
Dr Paul Campton  
Head of Biology, Careers Tutor
Dr Shona Anderson
Mr Colin Finlay
Head of Form, Tic Study Skills  
Mrs Ngaire McCann
Staff Development Co-ordinator
Mrs Lynne McCluggage
Head of Senior School, Careers Tutor
Mrs Jayne Marrs
Careers Tutor
Dr Fionnula Quinn
P/T: M/T/TH/F, Deputy Head of Form, LSM
Mr Aodhan Gallagher
Careers Tutor, Assistant Warden of Worrall Centre, Form Tutor
Dr Michael Dorrity
Head of Chemistry
Mrs Anna-Marie Drumm
Form Tutor
Mrs Laura Forsythe
Head of Middle School
Miss Lynsey Hamilton
Miss Clarissa Hewitt
P/T: M/T/W/Th
Mr Enda Marron
Rowing Coach
Mrs Aisling Sowney
P/T: T/Th/F, Learning Support Mentor- Autism & Access Arrangements
Miss Pamela Wilson
Deputy Head of Form, D to E Co-ordinator
Dr Alan Dempsie
Head of Classics, Assistant Exams Officer
Mrs Lucy Livingstone
P/T: M/T/W
Miss Joanne Williamson
                                            Computing & ICT
Miss Jennifer Richmond 
Head of Computing, ICT Academic Support 
Mr Nicholas Wright
PT: T/W/Th
Miss Lisa Anderson
Head of Drama
Dr Majella Devlin
                            Economics & Business Studies
Mr Patrick Armstrong
Head of Economics & Business Studies, Deputy Head of Form
Mr Gareth Davidson
DHOF- Job Share, Learning Support Mentor
Ms Jemma Davison
Senior Vice- Principal
Mrs Anne Logan
Head of Pastoral Care
Mr Alan Millar
Timetabling, College Statistician
Mr Richard Bleakley
Head of English
Miss Sinead Coll
Editor of School Magazine
Dr Heather Collier
Vice Principal
Mrs Michelle Cooney
Head of Form
Mrs Lorraine Devlin
Primary School Liaison
Mr Stephen Dillon
Head of Form
Miss Hazel Glenn
Deputy Head of Pastoral Care – Senior School
Mr Warren Latimer
Junior English Co-ordinator
Mr Nick Maltman
Mrs Ann Duckett
Head of Geography
Mrs Karen Parks
Head of Geology, Deputy Head of Pastoral Care- Middle School
Mrs Naomi Bedi
Part-time: M/T/F
Dr Thomas Crawford  
Deputy Head of Form
Mr Paul Kirk
Assistant Principal Teacher Director of Studies
Mr John Welshman
Head of Examinations
Mr Thomas Welshman
Tic Boys’ Hockey
Mrs Jenefer Maguire
Head of History, Part- Time: M/T/Th/F
Miss Ursula Corrigan
Miss Bronagh Leitch
Part-time: M/T/F
Mr Ryan Livingston 
Deputy Head of Form
Mr Alastair Lynas
Assistant Principal Teacher Director of Studies
Miss Julie McDonald
Head of Junior School
Mrs Helen Parks
(Head of Senior School) Secondment
                                             Home Economics
Miss Jayne Lloyd
Head of Home Economics
Mrs Katherine Steenson  
Deputy Head of Form, Learning Support Mentor  
Mrs Carmel Hart
Part-time: T/W/Th/F, Tic Netball
Miss Jenny Crockett
Mr Michael Johnston
Head of Mathematics
Mrs Jane Barry
Timetabling, Part-time: T/W/Th/F
Mrs Judith Campton
Form Tutor
Mr Alastair Craig 
Vice Principal
Mr William Leacock
Mr Stephen Lindsay
Head of the Worrall Centre, Fitness & Skills Coach
Mr Simon Lyttle
Acting Head of Form, Head of Junior Mathematics
Miss Ashley McIntyre
Mrs Emma McKay
Head of Form, Timetable Assistant
Mrs Sinead McKay
Money Box Co-ordinator, Part-time: M/T/Th/F
Mr Colin Martin
Form Tutor, Deputy Head of Exams
Mrs Andrea Scott
Part-time: M/T/W/Th
Mr Stewart Magill
Career Break
                                        Modern Languages
Mr Paul Corken
Head of Modern Languages, Head of Spanish
Mrs Katherine Young
Part-time: T/W/Th/F Head of French, Employability Co-ordinator  
Miss Olivia Moore
Head of German, Senior Careers Tutor
Mrs Tatiana McCrum 
Head of Russian, Senior Careers Tutor
Mrs Linda Callaghan
Acting Head of Form
Mrs Alison Kennedy
Deputy Head of Pastoral Care- Junior School
Mrs Katherine McMahon
Mrs Katherine Marsh
Part-time: WA: M/W/Th/F WB: M/T/W/F
Mr Jack Rolandeau
Part-time: M/T/W/Th
Mrs Ruth McCartney
Director of Music
Mr Ken Jordan
Music Events Co-ordinator 
Mrs Tammie Qua
Part-time: M/W/F
Mrs Lynda Rolston 
Junior School Music Co-ordinator, Instrumental Studies Co-ordinator
                                       Physical Education
Mr Jonathan Lowe
Head of Department
Mr Thomas Creighton
P/T: T/F 
Mrs Lee-Ann Fulton
Part-time: M/T/Th/F
Mr James Kennedy 
Tic Cricket
Mrs Fiona McIlwaine
PE Curriculum and Games Co-ordinator, Tic Girls’ Hockey
Mrs Catherine Moreland
Mr Nick Wells  
Director of Rugby, Tic Athletics
Miss Julie Copeland
Assistant Principal Teacher, Head of Faculty
Mr Michael Forsythe
Head of Physics   
Mrs Mary Corrigan  
Form Tutor, LSM
Mrs Rosemary Greig 
Senior Careers Tutor
Mrs Kellie-Anne Savage
Mrs Ann Stott
Head of Careers Service  
Mr Alastair Lynas
Head of Politics
Miss Ursula Corrigan
Mr Ryan Livingston
Mrs Gemma McKee
Head of Psychology
Mrs Laura Wright
Deputy Head of Form, Personal Development Co-ordinator 
Mrs Tammie Rea
Part-time: M/T
                                     Religious Education
Mrs Paula McCullough 
Head of Religious Education
Mr Ian Gibson
Careers Tutor, Entitlement Co-ordinator, Lay Chaplain
Miss Ruth McKibbin
Deputy Head of Form
Mr Paul McGlade
Head of Technology
Mrs Brona Bell
Mr James McKee
Acting Deputy Head of Form
Mr Neil Thompson 
Head of Form, Careers Tutor



Mr John Robinson

Director of Services

Mrs Eileen Brewerton

Finance & Information Manager

Mrs Karen Brand

Rolls and Records (W/Th/F, M/T)

Mrs Jillian Foster


Mr David Galway

Photocopying & Stationery

Miss Heather Stewart


Mrs Alison Graham

Payroll & Human Resources

Mrs Lesley Johnston


Mrs Fionnuala Murphy

Assistant Accountant

Mrs Lynne Nesbitt

School Secretary

Mrs Sandra Shields

School Secretary

Administration Assistants

Mrs Lorna Alleen-Antuna

Admin. Assistant – Senior School

Mrs Rosemary Henderson

Admin. Assistant – Junior School

Mrs Hazel Kirkpatrick

Admin Assistant - PE

Mrs Philomena Sutton

Admin Assistant – Middle School

Fundraising & Alumni Relations

Mrs Laura McKeown

Head of Fundraising & Alumni Relations

Mrs Niamh Taylor

Communications & Fundraising Assistant

                                         ICT Technical Support

Mr Francis Cassidy

ICT Manager

Mr Jake McCullough

ICT Support Technician


Miss Elaine Patterson 

School Librarian 


Mrs Diana Boyd

Head of Premises

Mrs Lorraine Hume

Admin. Assistant- Premises M/T

Mrs Chamain McKee

Admin. Assistant- Premises W/TH/F

                                       Principal’s Office

Mrs Jane Jeanes

Principal’s Personal Assistant

Mrs Naomi Murray/ Mrs Judith Evans from Aug - Jan

Cover and Examinations Administrator

                                          Study Supervisor

Miss Claire Edgar

6th Form Study Supervisor

                                         Technical Support

Mrs Christine Armstrong


Mr Harold Wilkin


Mr Joshua Lyness


Mrs Marie Guinness


Mr Gary Wilson


Mrs Cheryl Simms


Miss Sara Cassidy

Home Economics