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Methodist College Belfast, or Methody as the College is commonly known, is one of Northern Ireland's leading grammar schools, with an outstanding reputation for academic excellence and an impressive record of achievement in music, drama and sport.

Interdenominational since its foundation in 1865 and co-educational within months of its opening in 1868, the College is proud of the continued growth in the diversity of its pupils, both past and present, and will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2018.

Methodist College has a long tradition of commitment to pastoral care, and places great emphasis on the moral and social welfare of its pupils in addition to their intellectual, physical and cultural development.

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17 Jan 2017

Open Night Winners

The winners of the Open Nights Computing Department Dingbats competition are......

17 Jan 2017

Art & Design News

Pupils' work selected for True Colours; former pupil has short film nominated for a BAFTA

13 Jan 2017

Natural History Club

Celebrating the natural world we live in: Big Bird Watch and Attenborough documentaries!

11 Jan 2017

Open Evenings

Thank you to everyone who attended/took part in the Open Evenings last week

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01 Feb 2017

Open Afternoon

There will be an Open Afternoon on Wednesday 1st February 2017...